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Applique Tree Skirt Hack

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  • Pam Clark says

    Wow! I was checking out the prices of your patches and thinking this must cost a couple hundred dollars to make…why not just buy the already made one?? Then I clicked on the Anthropologie link….gulp! Who in the world can spend $900 on a Christmas tree skirt?!!

    • Becca Hansen says

      Haha! Yes exactly! The total price comes out to around $150, and though pricey, it is certainly an heirloom piece you’ll have forever so we think it’s worth it!

    • Becca Hansen says

      Thank you! It’s really not too difficult! You could actually just buy a pre-made tree skirt and add on the patches to make a quicker version!

    • Becca Hansen says

      Thank you! The teal wrapping paper is from Paper Source and the rest are actually just wrapped in 24″ by 12″ pieces of cardstock from the Cricut Website. They have some really pretty colors!

  • Vanessa Rodriguez says

    What is the top fabric called? I went to Joann’s and didn’t find anything like it so I’m now trying google.

  • Kanchan says

    I did this tree skirt, but I bought a plain burlap tree skirt (with a ruffle). Also from Amazon, I just ironed on the appliqués. The ones that were not iron on, I coated the back of the appliqué with hot glue and then I ironed them on and it worked perfectly! I chose to space the embroidery out and did not keep them on the edge as pictured. I like mine better than the original!

  • Kanchan says

    I made this project, but I started with a plain tree skirt, mine was burlap and had a ruffle around the edge. I ironed on the appliqués. Then I took the ones that were not iron-on and I covered the back of the appliqués with hot glue. Then I used a hot iron and ironed them on!

    I chose to cover the whole tree skirt, and did not keep them to the edges. I also didn’t overlap them or crowd them. The finished product was, I believe even prettier than the original. Mine may not be maximalist, but it’s beautiful!