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DIY Valentine Fruit Piñatas

DIY Valentine Pinata from The House That Lars Built DIY Valentine Pinata from The House That Lars Built
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  • Hyedi says

    Ok, I’m Speechless. These amazing Valentines craft ideas are just out of this world cool. You should be very proud of this. It actually makes me feel giddy, when I think about making these for my girlfriends! I want to make them each, one of each, One piñata, one sucker cherries, One lipstick, and whatever else there is! Like a kid in a candy store, I’m pumped! Lol
    Funny cause I was just sitting here tonight and I was thinking about what website to go on to look for cool valentine craft ideas and it literally popped into my mind, “hey I wonder what ‘the house that Lars built’, what they have going on? And Wala! I’m never disappointed when I visit your site;)