paper woven heart giant
big paper heart
ideas for Valentine's Day box

Because you can never exploit a craft too much. (Oh wait…chevron!) Yesterday I turned the paper Danish heart into a leather pouch to carry your little trinkets in–I currently use mine for my earphones–and today I thought I’d go the extreme opposite and show a GIANT paper Danish heart that would be perfect for little kiddy Valentine’s instead of a traditional box. Apparently the box is a big deal as some mommies have been telling me lately. This one takes 5 minutes so if you’re into time management might I suggest it.

MATERIALS: 4 pieces of Canson pastel paper (from the art supply store. Doesn’t have to be Canson, just any art paper will do), scissors, tape or glue, template (download here)

Step 1: Use the template and enlarge it to fit the size of the Canson art paper. I filled the entire sheet.
Step 2: Cut the pattern out onto 4 pieces of paper, two in each color of your choice.
Step 3: Tape the two similar  colors together at the bottom or glue them together.
Step 4: Follow the same process as THIS post to weave the two together.

DONZO. Seriously, so easy and major impact. You know what I mean?!

photography by Trisha Zemp