Make a giant heart pouch

Here at Lars, we can’t get enough of these heart-shaped Valentine’s Day crafts! This giant heart pouch is super easy to make, plus it’s created from paper! These giant heart pouches also make for great Valentine’s Day boxes. This craft is pretty kid-friendly, so everyone can make a heart pouch of their own!

Scroll down for the full tutorial!

You’ll Need:

Because you can never exploit a craft too much. (Oh wait…chevron!) Yesterday I turned the paper Danish heart into a leather pouch to carry your little trinkets in–I currently use mine for my earphones–and today I thought I’d go the extreme opposite and show a GIANT paper Danish heart that would be perfect for little kiddy Valentine’s instead of a traditional box. Apparently, the box is a big deal as some mommies have been telling me lately. This one takes 5 minutes, so if you’re into time management, might I suggest it.

How to make a giant heart pouch


  • 4 pieces of Canson pastel paper (from the art supply store. Doesn’t have to be Canson, just any art paper will do)
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • template (download here)


  1. Use the template and enlarge it to fit the size of the Canson art paper. I filled the entire sheet.
  2.  Cut the pattern out onto 4 pieces of paper, two in each color of your choice.
  3.  Tape the two similar colors together at the bottom or glue them together.
  4.  Follow the same process as THIS post to weave the two together.

DONZO. Seriously, so easy and major impact. You know what I mean?!

photography by Trisha Zemp

Valentine’s Day boxes

Since Valentine’s Day boxes are a staple, especially for those of you with little ones, we’re sharing more of our Valentine’s Day box ideas with you! We love these giant heart pouches because they’re big enough for Valentines cards AND sweets! But maybe you want to create a new box each year. We’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas. You can check out how to make a Valentine’s rainbow box here, and view more box ideas from the competition here. These 3 Valentine’s heart piñatas and this post-it heart piñata would also make for great Valentine’s Day boxes!

However you decide to create your box, we want to see your final product! Share a picture of your giant heart pouch or Valentine’s Day box on Instagram and tag it with #Larsmakes

Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Pinterest board for more ideas!



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