Valentine pizza boxes

Remember when I asked you about your Valentine’s Day traditions? Well, SO many of you said that you do pizza with your family either in heart shape or with pepporoni in the shape of hearts for your tradition. I had no idea this was a thing! Is it a thing for you? SO, I started thinking about it some more and came up with this printable Valentine pizza box. Heart pepperonis of course! I think these would be adorable to give out to classmates or to neighbors.

Tutorial below!

You'll Need:

Valentine Pizza Box

Once I envisioned a printable Valentine pizza box, I became totally enamored with the idea. Everything is always so much cuter when it’s pint size, right?! Who wouldn’t love a little pizza?!

And, of course, we had to add on “You have a pizza my heart” to the top, because Valentine’s Day is just better with puns.

Valentine pizza boxes for classmates

Once the pizza boxes are distributed the printable turns into an activity. There are lines on the pizza so the recipient can cut it into slices. I’m thinking it would be great for younger kids to play with stuffies or dolls or what not.

Here’s how to make a Valentine pizza box

Here’s how to make them!



  1. Cut out the flattened pizza box from the template. 
  2. Cut along the thick solid lines, next to the small scissor icon, to make the tabs.
  3. Fold along all dotted lines.
  4. Starting with the base of the pizza box, put glue on the tabs that have the small glue icon on them. 
  5. Attach the 4 tabs with glue to the adjacent side of the box to form the corner of the box. 
  6. Make the lid by gluing the tabs to the two edges and fold the lid over the bottom like a pizza box! 

Tell me you haven’t seen anything cuter?!

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Let me know how it goes! Hoping the kids love them!


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