3D Easter Egg paper name tags

3D Easter egg name tags

We love creating tablescapes for parties and celebrations, and Easter is no exception. For your next Easter gathering, make it a little more personalized with beautiful pastel-colored name settings!

You can find the full tutorial for these 3D Easter egg name tags below. You can also scroll down to find more Easter celebration ideas!

You’ll Need:

3D Easter Egg paper name tags

3D Easter Egg paper name tags

SPRING! Even though there’s still snow on the mountains and always, always a few more snowstorms before we finally hit good weather (Utah is a little trickster), I’m celebrating like it’s here forever! Hooray! Spring means pastels and wonderfully chipper projects. Lucky us, we get St. Patrick’s Day AND Easter all in the same month this year. But we’re kicking it off with Easter! These 3D paper Easter egg name tags are perfect for your Easter party or table setting.


DIY 3D Easter egg nametags


  • scrapbook paper in pastel shades (we used mint, yellow, pink, and peach)
  • Easter egg template and (download here)
  • sewing machine with threads in pastel colors
  • white paper
  • black pen
  • glue gun



  1. Cut out 4 to 5 egg shapes for each name tag. You’ll have to sew through each one so if your sewing machine can’t handle that many, take it down to 3.
  2. Sew a line right through the center of each egg.
  3. Distribute the paper around the center of the sewn line.
  4. Cut out the flag out of white paper.
  5. Write the name of the person
  6. Glue the flag to the Easter egg.

3D Easter Egg paper name tags3D Easter Egg paper name tags3D Easter Egg paper name tags

Photos and crafting by Ashley Isenhour

Easter tablescape and craft ideas

We’ve got plenty of Easter decor ideas to match your 3D Easter egg name tags! Learn how to make these Daffodil napkin bouquets to add a little extra Springtime to your celebration. And for your centerpiece, try this Easter egg runner or an Easter egg tree! If you’re celebrating with kids, create these adorable bunny party hats to wear (and a baby bunny bonnet for the younger ones)! The Lars Easter shop also has great gift ideas (including bunny slippers and a bunny visor)!

A couple of years ago we had an Easter picnic party, and we really went all out with the pastels. From the dinnerware, to the centerpiece, to some ombre candle votives, it has everything you could possibly need for a Springtime celebration. You can view all of the details here.

To stay up to date on crafts for all seasons, check out the Lars Instagram! Happy crafting!



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