DIY Paper lei for graduation

diy-paper-leiGraduation is upon us! The downside is that we’ll lose some our interns (and they’ve been life-savers), but the upside is that it gives all of us the excuse to make these pretty paper leis for our favorite graduates! And you all know that I’ll take any occasion as a reason to make a paper flower! 


1. Cut 21 flower shapes using either a craft cutter and the SVG file provided or a craft knife and the template provided.paper-lei-step-1
2. Take the flower pieces to a well-ventilated area and spray paint the tip of each petal. Just a pump or two aimed at the tip will give you a gradient of color. Do this with all of the flowers. Allow spray paint to dry.
3. Score the flowers along the tab and in between the petals.paper-lei-step-3
4. Hold the flower with spray painted side up. Hold a bone folder or pencil under a petal of a flower. Pull the flower downward and through your hand holding the bone folder or pencil firmly against the bottom side to the petal. Repeat with each petal of each flower. This will curve the petals inward.paper-lei-step-4
5. Use your bone folder or pencil and the same method to curve the tip of each petal in the opposite direction.paper-lei-step-6
6. Fold the flowers along the scored lines. Use a glue gun to glue the tab to the inside of the outer petal to form a complete flower.paper-lei-step-7
7. Spray paint the paper straws and let them dry. Cut the straws into 1.5 inch segments.paper-lei-step-11
8. Thread the string onto the embroidery needle. String a straw segment and then a flower (stringing the needle into the cup of the flower and out of the bottom as shown in the photo). Thread another straw segment and then another flower and continue to alternate until all of your flowers are threaded and have a straw segment in between them. After you thread your last flower, cut the string and tie the ends together.paper-lei-step-14paper-lei-step-12paper-lei-step-13diy-paper-lei-6diy-paper-lei-8
Crafting by Ashley Isenhour  |  Photography and styling by Ashley Isenhour and Brittany Jepsen 



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