Springtime calls for a celebration and a floral crown is the perfect way to do so. We love creating paper flower crowns because they won’t ever die (as long as you take care of them!). This one we dressed up with some acrylic paint to add in another fun dimension. See the full tutorial after the jump!



  • stem wire
  • 26 gauge floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • crepe paper in various shades of pinks and greens
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • cotton balls
  • craft paint and small paint brush (optional)
Crown Instructions:
1. Use stem wire to make a circle base for your crown. We used one stem wire + an additional 1/3 of a wire and twisted them together.
2. Make your paper floral elements (instructions for each element below). We used about 6 buds, 11 flowers, and 65 leaves.
3. Cut .5 inch wide strips of green crepe paper against the grain (meaning you will cut across the linear ridges of the crepe paper). Hot glue the end of one of these strips to your wire circle and wrap the wire for about 3 inches.
4. Start adding in leaves. Wrap the wire stem of a leaf around the wire circle and then wrap your .5 inch strip of green paper around the wire circle once or twice to start covering the wire stem. Add in another leaf and repeat. Repeat these steps as you add in more leaves, buds, and flowers around the entire crown. When you have completely filled the circle, secure the end of your green crepe paper strip with hot glue.
See the next page for the leaf instructions 
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