Bud Instructions:
1. Cut 2 inch strips of various shades of pink crepe paper. Stretch the strip out a bit. Cut the strip into 2 inch sections (forming 2 inch squares). Paint patterns on some of the squares and allow to dry (optional).
2. Cut a cotton ball into 4 pieces. Roll one of theses pieces in your hands to form a smaller cotton ball.
3. Cut a 4 inch piece of floral wire. Squeeze a dab of hot glue onto one end of the wire. Secure the small cotton ball onto this end. Place the cotton ball into the center of one of your pink squares of crepe paper. Wrap the paper around the cotton ball by bringing the edges and corners of the square down and tucking and twisting it around the wire stem. Wrap additional floral wire around the base of the cotton ball, pulling it fairly tightly to create a little bud shape.
4. Cut a .5 inch wide strip of green crepe paper against the grain (meaning you will cut across the linear ridges of the crepe paper). The strip should be about 3 inches long. Hot glue the end of the strip around the base of the bud and wrap around and down a few times to cover the floral wire.
5. Repeat process to create about 6 buds.
See the next page for the flower instructions 
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