DIY Spider Web tablecloth


Halloween means costumes, candy, and a little bit of crazy, but it also provides a golden opportunity for parties! This DIY spider web tablecloth or backdrop makes a perfect addition. My ideal Halloween would be having a party at my home with close friends and family, delicious foods, creative costumes (if you haven’t been able to tell…), and decorated to the nines. This spider web backdrop is so simple to recreate but makes a big impact! Can you guess how we did it by the looks?

I’m thinking it would great as a tablecloth OR a backdrop for a party. Spiderweb tablecloth DIYSpiderweb tablecloth DIY


Spiderweb tablecloth DIY

You’ll Need:

  • Black tablecloth or fabric
    Bleach (regular, not gel or splash-proof, works best)
    Cotton swabs
    Rubber gloves
  • Plastic sheeting to protect work surfaces
  • Chalk or light colored fabric marker
  • Optional 18″ ruler
  • A well ventilated work area
NOTE:  You can use this method with any color of fabric. Using a textile that is mostly cotton will yield the best results. You can purchase fabric/tablecloth that is already the color of your choice, or start by dying one, following the dye manufacturer’s directions. Keep in mind that not every color (especially commercially dyed fabrics) will bleach to white. Home-dyed fabrics are more likely to bleach to white.
1. Pre-wash and dry fabric or tablecloth.

2. Prepare work surface by covering with plastic.  Since we are using bleach, please do this project in a VERY WELL VENTILATED AREA.

3. Spread fabric on plastic surface.
4. Draw spiderwebs on fabric using chalk or light colored fabric marker, and a ruler if desired. Start in the middle of the fabric and draw 4 lines in a tire-spoke design. Repeat several times till you’ve covered your fabric as desired. Try to vary your spacing and size a bit. Connect each line in your spoke shape with curved lines to look like a spider web. Then Connect each web to each other by extending a line from the tip of the spoke till it touches another web.  (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW)
Draw spiderweb
5. With gloved hands, soak a cotton swab in bleach and begin tracing over your spiderweb lines. It’s easiest to begin in the middle of the tablecloth and work out toward the edges. For best result, use a gentle hand with the bleach until you get a sense for the thickness of lines you like, keeping in mind the bleach will bleed and spread slightly. You’ll want to use new swabs as they become worn.

6. Once all lines are complete, let the tablecloth sit until you are happy with the lightening level. Don’t let it sit too long or the bleach could weaken the fibers.

7. Rinse tablecloth thoroughly in lukewarm water, and then launder separately as usual.Spiderweb tablecloth DIYSpiderweb tablecloth DIY

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Danielle Wilson 



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