Christmas Paper Office Party Decorations

Christmas Paper Office Decorations Christmas Paper Office DecorationsYou know the scenes in the movie “Elf”, when Buddy stays up all night decorating the department store? Or when he does it again at his dad’s house? GENIUS. Well we decided to channel our inner Buddy the Elf and bring some Christmas cheer to the work place! It just seems odd to us that the place where people are generally spending 8 hours of their day often gets neglected when it comes to holiday decor. So we’re making it super easy for you to remedy that trend ASAP. All you need is 1 ream of paper. It can’t get much easier than that! We covered our studio top to bottom in super simply paper crafts that you’ll remember making in Elementary school: Paper chains, lanterns, angels, and snowballs! Never mind the fact that it might be warm and sunny outside, because it will feel like the most magical winter wonderland inside! The key to the magic is to make a ton of paper decorations, so when we say a ream of paper, we mean the entire ream of paper! Don’t worry about doing it all in one night though, we don’t all have the skills that come from being raised by elves. Take a few nights to get in touch with your inner child and fill your floor with paper decorations! This would be perfect for an office holiday party, or even to surprise a coworker!

Christmas Paper Office Decorations

Christmas Paper Office Decorations

Christmas Paper Office Decorations


  • 1 ream of paper (THAT’A ALL!)


Paper chains

  • Cut 1/2″-1″ strips of paper and glue the ends of them together. Slip another piece of paper into the circle and glue. Repeat

Paper Lanterns

Paper Angels

  • Fold paper into fourths vertically.
  • On creased side draw half of an angel
  • Cut through all the layers of paper and cut out the angel
  • Unfold and repeat process to make enough for a chainDIY paper angel chainschristmas-paper-office-decorations-party-22

Paper Snowballs

  • Crumple up 1 piece of paper to create one snowball. Repeat. Make them as compact as you can.


  • We found a ton of snowflake patterns and inspiration here!

Christmas Paper Office Decorations

Christmas Paper Office Decorations

Christmas Paper Office DecorationsChristmas Paper Office DecorationsChristmas Paper Office Decorations

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Emily Nielson, Eliza Jackson, Jayne Verhaaren 


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    I love this! Thank you for sharing it.
    Did you recicle it? I mean, were you able to use it next year or was it a one Christmas thing?
    I am going to do it with a paper that is a little more expensive and was wondering…


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