Floral Numbers Birthday Cake Topper

Floral Number Birthday Cake TopperIn case you didn’t know: June is the unofficial birthday month! At least here at the Lars Studio 🙂 Four members of our team have June Birthdays! Where are all my Geminis at?! Queen Elizabeth also officially celebrates her birthday in June. The royal affair is known as the Trooping of the Colours. This grand celebration includes the royal guard, a procession for the Queen, and the gathering of the royal family. Which means we’ll get to see the newlyweds again! Any guesses on what Meghan will wear?

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

If you happen to be celebrating any birthdays this month, or this summer, this Floral Numbers Birthday Cake Topper is a sweet way to honor them! Simply mold wire into the number you want and cover with fringed crepe or tissue paper! Tiny paper flowers make the numbers appear to be blossoming vines! Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth’s favorite flower is the primrose, but she also adores wildflowers. So she’d surely approve of this cake topper.

Make your own Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper! 

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

Floral Numbers Birthday Cake Topper


  • Floral Wire Stems, 2 paper covered and 2 uncovered
  • Wire cutters
  • Green crepe or tissue paper
  • Red, pink, orange, and yellow crepe or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue Gun

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper


  1. With the paper covered wire, form them into the numbers you desire.

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

2. Cut three to four 1-inch by 12-inch strips of green crepe or tissue paper. If using crepe paper, the long side should be cut against the grain, and you should stretch it out to remove ridges.

3. Fringe both long edges of the strip of paper, being careful not to cut through the width of the strip. You should have fringe on both sides of the strip.

3. Start at one end of the number and glue the end of a fringed piece to the paper covered wire. Then wrap the fringed piece around the number until the number in complete covered. Repeat with the second number.

4. Then take your uncovered floral wire and cut into two 9-inch pieces. Bend one piece onto the bottom portion of the number, bending it in half over base and twist the two halves of the wires together. This will allow you to stick the toppers into the cake without getting the number portion dirty with frosting.  Repeat for the other number.

Floral Number Birthday Cake Topper

5. Make tiny flowers from colorful crepe or tissue paper by fringing a 1-inch by .5-inch piece of crepe paper, rolling it together and securing with glue, and then fluffing out the ‘petals.’ You can also cut small scallops or ridges instead of fringing for a slightly different shape. Glue onto the numbers.

Floral Number Birthday Cake TopperFloral Number Birthday Cake Topper

Photography by Jane Merritt



    • It’s actually a fake cake! We made it out of cardboard and used caulking for the ‘frosting’ so we could always have a cake on hand!


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