DIY origami surprise box for Easter

For the last two years, I’ve been creating tutorials for the Laura Ashley blog, and I’m continuing this year with some fun projects made with their gorgeous wallpapers and fabrics. Hooray! The first one up for the year is here, and it’s an origami surprise box.

Read below for the full tutorial on how to make this origami box!

You’ll Need:


  1.  Measure 10 inches both horizontally and vertically to make a perfect square.
  2. Cut out square.
  3. Fold one corner of the square to the other corner to make it into a triangle. Do one corner to the other and crease. Then pick the opposite corner to other side so that there is now an X creased on your paper.
  4. Your paper is now divided into 4 triangles that point to and meet in the middle of your paper. Using the middle of your paper as the meeting point, fold your paper so that the two triangles on the sides of the square are folded in half. This makes it so you have a triangle on the front and on the back.
  5. Using your front triangle, pick up the bottom right corner of the triangle and fold in up towards the point of the triangle. You should now have a half triangle on one side and a full triangle facing vertically.
  6. Take the vertical triangle and take its point and fold it towards the middle of the overall large triangle. Once this is done, you see that you have a slight “pocket” Inside your new small triangle. Take the top fold of your existing triangle and fold it to fit inside of this new pocket.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the opposite side of the triangle.
  8. Now you should have a side that is completely folded and a side that is still the size/shape of the triangle you started with. On the side you haven’t worked with, repeat steps 5 and 6 on both sides of the triangle.
  9. Now you should have a hexagon shape. If you lift it off the table you see that there is a hole in the very top of the hexagon where your two opposite sides join. Blow air into this hole and see your box grow before your eyes!
  10. Fill box with candy and surprises!



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