DIY Balloon centerpiece

Step 1: Blow up your balloons in advace to save time. This can be done a few days before the party. I like to use a balloon pump (never blow them up again!).

Step 2: Using duct tape, tape the edge of a balloon onto the plastic tablecloth. Plastic or paper should work fine. Fabric might give you a bit more trouble. With fabric, I might pin the edge of the balloon (where you’d blow it up) to the fabric then use duct tape for the ones you pile on top.

Step 2: Continue adding balloons down the table. Place your largest ones first. Tape them so the tape faces the inside and the head of the balloon faces you.

Step 3: Start layering your balloons on top of each other by taping them so the tape can’t be seen. Another trick is to use a lo-temp glue gun. These work wonders! Because I did mine on the spot at the park, I didn’t have electricity so no glue gun for me!

Step 4: I’d suggest layers of about 3 on top of each other, as anything else might become too tall.

Voila! So easy, right?


Remember, if you make a project featured on Lars, don’t forget to tag it with #MakingWithLars so I can see them. I like to featured some of your projects here on Lars from time to time!



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