Sparking basil limeade popsicle

Sparkling basil limeade popsicle

Though school may be starting, it’s still sunny and popsicles still rule the the summer! Photographer and popsicle maker, Trisha Zemp, was determined to make 1000 popsicles this summer and she’s nearing the end of her goal with today’s recipe, Sparkling Basil Limeade.

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Recipes and photography by Trisha Zemp

Sparkling Basil Limeade
3-4 limes
1/4C basil sprigs, lightly packed
1/4C sugar
2- 20oz bottles of Sprite
Add 1 bottle of Sprite to a pot with 3-4 juiced limes (depending on how strong you want the lime flavor) add basil sprigs. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 10 min. Fish out the basil from the mixture. Let cool. When cool, add second bottle of sprite. Fill molds. Freeze. Enjoy!

Sparkling basil limeade popsicle


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