Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop

Back to School Stickers

Apparently it’s that time of year. SHUDDER. Though I refuse to acknowledge anything besides spring and summer, my friends on Facebook with school-age kids are telling me it’s back-to-school time. Although I may miss the slow days of the last three months, what gets me most excited for a new academic year are the school supplies! Yes, I am one of those people who walk down aisles of markers and folders with stars in her eyes. And if you’re anything like me, getting to customize those supplies means putting your best foot forward on the first day starting with our back-to-school stickers.

Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop

Printable Back to School Stickers 

These back to school stickers are courtesy of  Michele Brummer-Everett, one of our favorite illustrators and friends here at The House that Lars Built. Michele has created many wonderful illustrations for the blog–remember the St. Patrick’s Day poppers and Oscar ribbon pins? Michele might be the most gracious person I know (and I might be the most shameless—our friendship works well). She kindly came up with these little scholastic illustrations that you can print off and use as stickers. Steer clear of any composition notebook mix ups and become the envy of all your classmates with these adorable back to school stickers. 

Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop

Were you one of those kids who had to have everything hole-punched, labeled and color coded or were you pulling crumpled up paper out of the bottom of your locker looking for last night’s homework? I was definitely the former. For me, staying organized while stylishly customizing my supplies truly is my love language. Think Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec–having a binder for everything sounds like an actual dream.

I’m a firm believer that stylish stickers and cute supplies actually make work more fun, no matter your age! Have you seen my laptop? I’m essentially a walking billboard for cute customization, even as an adult.  A woman sits behind a laptop, which is covered in rainbow, fruit themed, and office supply stickers.

My favorite of Michele’s  images is the happy mountain range featuring “a lovely place.” I may have been organized, but I was also prone to daydreaming of nature just outside the school’s windows. Whether your head is in the clouds or focused on your schoolwork, these stickers are sure to make opening your notebooks just a little bit more fun. 

Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop

Get your own stickers

It’s not hard to print your own stickers. You can find the download in our shop, then just print them on sticker paper and cut them out! Voilà!

Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop

Love Michele’s work? So do we! From the “You’re EGGstra Special” Valentines to the birthday invitations she designed for me in 2013, you can find a whole collection of her work in our shop here.
download the stickers here

Stickers and a notebook on a pink backdrop



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