A wheat-colored rabbit perches in a paper Easter basket held by a girl in a yellow dress.

Cute Easter baskets and fillers

Every year I think I’m going to make a picture perfect Easter basket and so far I’d say my success rate is about 50%. I’m only 5 years in and I think I’ve done an ok job. BUT, I’m determined that this is the year where I’m really going to step up my game and I think by starting now, I can do. Are you on board too? Here’s my list of cute Easter baskets along with adorable Easter fillers and non-candy versions too! Hopefully you find something that speaks to you too.

Scroll down for the full list!

Cute Easter Baskets

In the past I’ve just used whatever baskets I have lying around, but this year I’m determined to find something I really love and use it year after year. Is that what you do? That said, I’ve also found success at the thrift shop, so you decide!

What makes a perfect Easter Basket

Because I’m an overthinker about all holidays, here’s how I judge a great Easter basket:

  1. Overall cuteness. Is it adorable?
  2. On brand. I know, I know, I also roll my eyes when I hear people talk about their “brand” when they are not a company, but I think it will help you decide. Think: Could I plug it into my home decor and it would fit in? If it wouldn’t, maybe it’s not the best choice.
  3. Space. Will the eggs fall out as the kids are walking around hunting? If so, it’s not the basket for you! I bought an adorable papier mache bunny basket for Jasper’s first Easter and while it was cute, it was lopsided and all the eggs would fall out. He didn’t actually get to use it for the hunt, so it sits out as decor.

There’s a price point for everyone here. Plus, I always love a nod to bunny ears but not super cartoony, you know?!

Ok, as for what the Easter Bunny will be bringing

Easter Basket Fillers

This list adjust depending on the age and interests of the child, but here are some standard go tos.

  • Stuffed animal
  • Easter book
  • Game
  • Candy
  • Toy
  • Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Art Supplies
  • Accessories
  • Surprise ball (we’ve done these with Jasper every year and it’s a great tradition!)

And if you’re like me and love a good deal, my favorite shopping secret for Easter is TJ Maxx. They always have the best stuff!

Hope this list helps–let me know if you have any other tips!


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