Compliment Cards to Spread the Joy (not the germs)

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

How to use these compliment cards

Everyone could use a little more sunshine right now. Do you have a friend who is always giving you the advice right when you need it? (and when you want it! A hard balance to find!) Send them the “you help me grow” compliment card! Your friend that has been sending all the right memes right as social distancing is starting to get unbearable? Send them the “you are my favorite person to text” compliment card! Have a coworker you were just starting to make small talk with before you started working from home? Send them the “you have great style” compliment card and keep that friendship going!

funny and kind compliment cards to send to people you admire!

Share joy with everyone!

There is a compliment card for every kind of relationship in your life. Your sister, your childhood best friend, your neighbor you admire from afar, your boss, anyone! Even a stranger at the grocery store who is rocking their mix patterns and bold colors, tell them they have good taste!

Click here to download the printable version!

We would love to see how you use your compliment cards to spread joy, tag us here!

Dip dyeing Spring

At some point, I got really into baskets and acquired way too many for our small apartment. I thought it would be nice to gussy them up just a tad while still keeping the integrity of the object, so I decided to get on the dip dye trend and apply it to everything in sight. Watch out baskets! I thought it would be fun to do an Easter basket, watering can, and decorative basket.
Dip-dye is a term that means that you are actually dipping the object into dye, but it’s not a practical application for these objects. In this case it is just the look of dipping. Call it faux dip-dye.

DIY faux dip dyeing for Spring


  • White acrylic paint (or spray paint, just make sure everything is taped off)
  • blue tape
  • paintbrush


  1.  On this decorative basket, below, I decided how high I wanted to go. The basket reeds were already placed horizontally so I picked the 6th row and used that as my guide.
  2. Get your brush out and paint. I started with a big brush to apply the initial stripe and then used a smaller brush to get into the details.
  3. Apply a few coats.

To apply on a metal object like this watering can:

  1.  Get your blue tape out and measure where you’d like to place it. I placed my line one third from the bottom. Make sure you secure your tape tightly onto the can so the paint doesn’t escape.
  2.  Paint it!
  3.  Paint a few layers until it’s nice and thick.
  4.  Remove tape and voila!

Super easy, right? It would be so cute to add a bouquet of paper flowers to the dip-dyed wicker baskets! The perfect addition to your home decor for Spring!

Let us know in the comments how your dip dyeing crafts go!

step-by-step photos by Trisha Zemp
final photos by Brittany Jepsen 

More dip dye and Spring crafts

If you loved dip dyeing baskets for Spring, check out our tutorial for dip dyeing sweaters! We created ours with pastel colors, perfect for Spring! For more Easter and Spring crafting projects, take a look at our tutorials in the archives.


You’ve been egged!

Make a giant robin's egg East Egg
I showed how to make several versions of a “heart attack” for Valentine’s Day last year (1, 2, 3, 4) and I tried to think how I could do a similar idea for Easter…EGGED! A real egging is damaging and costly, but this one is much cuter and less threatening, non? And, per usual, I had to do it on a grand scale, cuz that’s what we do round here. I found this great robin’s egg tutorial, which helped guide me towards the right texture for the robin’s egg. I’m going to leave a few of these for some unsuspecting friends in the hood. Muhahaha.

“You’ve been egged” tutorial



  1.  Spray the plastic egg with the plastic primer spray (not shown, forgot to take a picture, agh!) and wait for it to dry. Repeat if you’d like. I wasn’t super concerned about layering.
  2. Spray the stone spray on and let it dry. Repeat to fill in. Give it a full day to dry.
  3. Begin painting the egg the robin’s egg color. I kind of mixed the two blues and then for variation added patches of colors here in there.
  4. Dip the toothbrush in brown paint and flick it onto the egg with your finger like a slingshot. I would suggest doing it close to the egg so it doesn’t appear like a Pollack painting where it’s running down the egg.
5. Add in your green grass. I used grass instead of moss because no one wants to accidentally eat moss. No one.
6. Add in your robin’s egg candy. Mine were by Whoppers (sick, but appropriate)
7. Cover with grass.
8. I made a sign saying, “you’ve been egged” out of black paper and a gold pen to tape to the door.

Much cleaner than a normal egging, right? Find more fun Easter tutorials here.

photography and crafting by moi
model: Michelle Brummer Everett (thank you SO much!)

Last Minute Easter Printables

Easter gift tags and cards

For the final touch even the Easter bunny himself would approve of, print off these cards and add them to baskets and gifts. You can make it simple, and add a punny carrot tag. Or add a handmade touch with our Danish Easter letters template.

carrot easter gift tagsFunny and sweet compliment cardsEaster gift cards to pair with hair clipsDanish Easter Letters template

Add a hair clip to these printable “Here’s to a good hare day” cards. Or sprinkle in happy compliments for an easter basket for a friend!

Sugar-free Easter egg fillers

Printable Easter Gift coupons to put in sugar-free easter eggs

During social distancing, I have been doing my best to fill Jasper’s easter basket with fun activities to keep his little hands busy. The last thing I need is a sugar frenzy! (for him, or for me when I sneak his cadbury eggs.) These coupons above were made to be printed off, and take the place of candy filling your eggs for the hunt. Your kids will be extra surprised this year when they find coupons to cash in for a movie night of their choice, family karaoke, and more fun! There are blank coupons provided you can fill in with your own activity ideas too! It’s truly the Easter gift that keeps on giving, to the whole family!

You can find the coupons here
You can find the plastic gold Easter eggs here

Easter coloring pages

Easter Bunny coloring page

Easter egg hunt coloring pageChocolate bunny and Easter Candy coloring page

Print off copies of our exclusive Easter coloring pages for the whole family to enjoy!

Easter activities

Bunny and chick paper dolls

We could not be more excited about the addition of these whimsical Easter bunny and chick paper dolls to our shop this year! You can print off multiple outfits, and even a tablescape scene for the dolls to enjoy. Available in a colorful option OR a blank one to color in and make the fun last even longer!

Easter paper dolls and coloring pages activity pack

The set above includes all our paper dolls sets and Easter coloring pages. Complete your fun-filled Easter basket with this activity set!

Explore our full Easter shop here and get all ready for Sunday!




Easter Basket Gift Ideas


I love a good Easter basket! I love adding a DIY touch of course, like a fabric liner. Or some years I have opted for an entirely hand-made basket – like this no-sew rope basket! But of course, filling the basket with gifts for Jasper (and now Felix too!) is the best part.

Easter gift baskets need not only be filled with eggs stuffed with chocolates and candies, though I no problem with that. You can get creative and browse through our shop for some fun ideas for kids of all ages.

Easter Basket Gifts For Every Age

Baskets & Tags

For Baby’s First Easter

Easter Basket GiftsEaster Basket Gifts

For Kids Ages 1-5

Start off by making an Easter bunny party hat or a bunny bonnet if you have an infant or toddler. Add a coloring page or two to keep your kiddo(s) occupied while you prepare breakfast. Surprise them with an Easter gift basket filled with fun surprises or have your kid(s) search for them in and around the house. Instead of plastic eggs, you can make these carrot treat boxes and fill them with different toys and sweets. Roll up a pair of bunny socks, add these cute hair ties or golden bunny hairpins, and print out our customizable Easter egg coupons to add more fun and games.

Easter Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket Gifts

For Kids Ages 6 and older

We have a fun printable Springtime Printable Activity pack filled with animal paper dolls and coloring pages. You can also purchase the prints separately to your preference. We also have several crafting ideas from which you can prepare the supplies and print our PDF instructions for your kids to follow and make, e.g., the Easter bunny stuffed animal, animal head wraps, glitter glue handwritten phrases, or handwritten letters to loved ones on these intricate paper cutouts. We also have an assortment of paper craft items in our Springtime activity kit. Needless to say, the Easter egg coupons are for kids and adults of all ages.

Easter Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket Gifts

For your partner or friends

Adults deserve a visit from the Easter Bunny too! The gift ideas below make for fun gifts to help ring in spring.

Easter Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket GiftsEaster Basket Gifts

Whether you are creating an Easter gift basket for your child(ren) or friends, gather your ideas and supplies as soon as you can because April is only a month away!

For More Easter Basket Gifts Ideas

For more ideas you can check out last year’s Easter Basked gift roundup too!

Paper Easter Basket Tutorial

There’s no need to head out to a store to buy any Easter baskets this year, or ever! You can make one right at home, right now, without any special materials. As the title suggests, these paper Easter baskets only need paper. Print out of our woven basket pattern, grab some scissors and glue and you’re good to go! Once you have finished assembling your basket, fill it with all the goodies and treats. If you want to avoid scouring stores, head to our shop to find a variety of Easter goods for your kids to enjoy. Check them out here.

Paper Easter baskets filled with paper grass and plastic eggs against a pink and green background

A girl holds a paper Easter basket with a fluffy wheat-colored rabbit inside it.

We love our paper Easter baskets! Not only do they involve the personal touch of being crafted by hand, they are recyclable! You can also teach your kids how to make the baskets and once they lose interest after Easter, you can either save them for next year or peel off the glue and toss them into the recycling bin without much guilt. No need to buy plastic baskets every year!

Paper grass and plastic eggs spill out of a paper Easter basket against a pink and green background

Be sure to use our tag #EasterWithLars to show us your Easter crafts!


You’ll need our printable Easter basket pattern, scissors or a paper cutter, a glue gun, hot glue sticks, and fun Easter gifts to fill your basket!

Step-by-step process photos of paper easter basket construction


  1. Download and print the printable Easter basket pattern.
  2. Cut out your basket strips. The printable comes with lots of extra strips so you can make quite a large basket, but we had our best success when we sized ours down. We ended up using about 12 strips in each color for our best basket.
  3. Decide which colors you want on the bottom of the basket. We used green and pink on the bottom, then wove them together with the natural wood color on the sides.
  4. Glue your strips together (unless you want to make a tiny basket, which is a valid, very cute choice that we wholeheartedly respect)! Making sure that they are lined up straight, put a line of hot glue along the short end of one basket strip. Firmly press another strip of the same color down, forming one long strip.
  5. Repeat step 4 with your other strips. We made 5 long strips each in green and pink and 4 long strips in brown, and set a few single-length strips aside for later.
  6. Weave together the strips that will form the bottom of your basket. Make sure that they are lined up neatly and centered.
  7. Secure the overlapping corner strips together with a dot of glue.
  8. Flip your weaving over so the blank side is up. Fold the strips up so that they can form the sides of the basket.
  9. Take one of your side strips (ours are brown) and fold it over itself close to where you glued the two shorter pieces together. This makes a basket corner.
  10. Place the corner you just made a the corner of your basket base and weave it through the colored strips. It can help to secure the side strips with a dot of hot glue here and there.
  11. Fold the brown side strip again when you reach the end of the basket, and weave it through the strips on the other side.
  12. You will likely need to add more length to the brown side strip in order for it to wrap all the way around. If your side strip isn’t reaching all the way around, simply cut a piece of one of your leftover strips (remember when we set some aside in step 5?) and glue it onto the strap.
  13. When you have woven all the way around the base of the basket, glue the ends of the side strip together where they meet. Congratulations! You just made it through the hardest part!
  14. Repeat steps 9-13 a few times until your basket reaches your desired height, making sure to weave your strips with an alternating over-under pattern.
  15. When you have reached your desired height, glue the top side strip to each of the colored vertical strips.
  16. To form a handle, glue the short ends of one of your extra strips to the matching colored vertical strips that are centered on the basket.
  17. Trim any excess paper from the colored vertical strips you didn’t use for the handle.
  18. Fill your basket with Easter treats and enjoy! (Also, please be extremely careful when using this basket as bunny transportation. We highly recommend holding it from the base as pictured.) 😉

a wheat-colored rabbit peeks over the top of a paper Easter basket


Giant Arm-Knit Bunny


Last year I got to work with one of my favorite people, Anne Weil of Flax and Twine, on a fun project in addition to the book I styled for her, Knitting Without Needles. She popped into town to do some Easter projects. One of them being this amazing giant arm-knit bunny. Isn’t it to die for?

Easter String Scavenger Hunt with Anagram Balloons

I’m still getting a chance to see how Jasper does sharing his holiday traditions during his first year with a sibling, so I hearkened back to a memorable Easter for me. I stayed with my grandmother and had brought a friend with me (fun fact: she was Jasper’s babysitter last year!). When we woke up Easter morning, the Easter Bunny had set up this elaborate string scavenger hunt. The string led us from one egg to another mixed in with some surprises along the way. Later that day we dressed up in our Easter dresses and played songs by her piano. I even attempted, terribly I’m sure, her violin. It’s one of my favorite memories of my grandmother. 

This year, I decided to recreate it. Of course, we tried it out early this year so we could get the photos for the blog, but he won’t know that it wasn’t actually Easter…until he has it again in two weeks 😉 He ended up having so much fun, and we didn’t even have to leave our house to make it happen making it a great alternative to a huge neighborhood Easter hunt thanks to COVID. Win-win.

A little boy in a pink and blue Easter crown stands in a colorful room filled with Easter-themed balloons.

A little yellow chick balloon on a couch with colorful pillows and an Easter basket. I mixed it up a bit from Grandmother’s version by adding more magic by using my favorite balloon brand Anagram to complete the scavenger hunt. We have done projects with Anagram Balloons for almost every other holiday, but this is our first Easter project! Their little lamb, bunny, and egg balloon designs are so adorable. 

A big Easter lamb balloon rests atop a stack of colorful books in a colorful interior space.

Besides their huge selection of awesome designs, the main reason Anagram is my top choice for balloons is this: they are reusable! Just carefully deflate the foil balloons after use, fold them up, and store them for the next big idea. We have been able to use our Anagram balloons for so many projects over and over again – making for statement holiday projects while still minimizing the environmental impact. In fact, most of the balloons we used for this project we already had on hand! All we needed to add were a few Easter specific balloons to our existing stash. With care, you only need to buy these once just like other decor.

A little boy smiles up at the camera from a yellow rug, where he is lying. He's surrounded by Easter-themed balloons.

How To Set Up Your Easter Scavenger Hunt

The goal of this Easter scavenger hunt is to follow the string to find the Easter Bunny balloon! The Easter Bunny will be waiting at the end with an easter basket full of gifts. We – I mean, the Easter Bunny – filled Jasper’s basket with fun printable gifts from the Lars Shop + plenty of chocolate of course. 


On their way to the Easter Bunny, your kids will find balloons along the way with little gifts attached. The string is the perfect way for the kid’s to guide themselves along the hunt and participate fully. I’m considering setting up all my future Easter egg hunts with a string this way! It worked so much better for my 3yo than leading him around the backyard pointing out eggs for an hour…  

Supplies for the Easter Scavenger Hunt

String, Tape, Balloon pump, Lamb balloon, Chick balloon, Egg balloons, Pastel shape balloons

Gifts for the Easter Basket

Printable Easter Crowns, Bunny Hair Clips, Easter Egg Coupons, Bunny Hair Tie , Springtime Activity Kit , Bunny Stuffed Animal, Springtime Printable Activity Pack

Interior shot of an Easter Scavenger Hunt. Balloons are strewn around the room and string zigzags across the space.


  1. Place your string in a zig zag pattern all around the room–make it as confusing as you choose!
  2. Along the string, place balloons and little surprise gifts every few feet
  3. At the end of the string, set up the final surprise! The Easter Bunny (a balloon of course) and an Easter basket full of fun gifts


We just set up this scavenger hunt around my office and Jasper loved it! This would also be so fun to do on a larger scale filling your backyard.

A little boy holds up a chick balloon. He's sitting on a chair in a colorful room strewn with Easter-themed balloons.

More Projects with Anagram Balloons

We have an Anagram Balloons project for every major holiday! Check them out below:

Valentine’s Day: Balloon Heart Attack

St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Lucky Charms Balloon Arch

Baby Announcement or Shower: Foil Balloon Arch

Halloween: Ghost Balloon Installation

Thanksgiving: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Tablescape 

Christmas: Jingle Bell Balloons


This post is sponsored by Anagram Balloons. We love our sponsors who allow us to make beautiful original content for you!


3D Easter egg cupcake toppers



We had such a ball making some 3D Easter egg place cards that we had to make more! We topped off our cupcakes with some adorable mini Easter egg toppers. They’d also be fun as a garland or sprinkled on an Easter table.


Make your own 3D Easter egg cupcake toppers


  • scrapbook paper in pastel shades (we used mint, yellow, pink, and peach)
  • Easter egg template (download here)
  • sewing machine with threads in pastel colors
  • toothpicks
  • glue gun

Instructions for 3D Easter egg cupcake toppers

  1. Cut out 2 to 4 egg shapes for each name tag. You’ll have to sew through each one so if you’re sewing machine can’t handle that many, take it down to 3.
  2. Sew a line right through the center of each egg.
  3. Distribute the paper around the center of the sewn line.
  4. Glue the egg to the inside of one of the sides of the egg and to the toothpick.


photos and crafting by Ashley Isenhour

Cupcake topper ideas for every holiday

Cake (and cupcake) toppers are such an easy way to add some flare to your holiday desserts. For Mother’s Day and for the rest of your Springtime celebrations, make these floral cake toppers. And if you’re celebrating a birthday, create these floral numbers to put on your cake or cupcakes. To celebrate love, check out the strawberry heart cake topper, Sprinkle Me cupcake topper, and conversation heart cupcake toppers. The fourth of July is coming up in a few months, and we’ve got you covered on the cake decoration: this paper firework cake topper or this origami stripes and stars cake topper.

For the Fall and Winter months, take a look at this Halloween cake topper and Christmas tree Sprinkle Me cupcake topper. Whatever you’re celebrating, we have a cake topper for it! View the whole list of cake and cupcake toppers here.

Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Tree

Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Tree This Easter Season I’ve been on a natural dying kick for my Easter eggs! I love the subtle tones and muted colors you can achieve with fruits and vegetables. Of course, it’s a bit trickier than using boxed dye kits, but I think the end results are worth it. To create our egg “ornaments,” we teamed up with Brother to use their P-touch Embellish machine to create custom ribbons for hanging our eggs! This turns a typical Easter decoration into an heirloom you’ll keep forever. 


Get the full tutorial on natural dying eggs and making your Easter Egg Tree Ornaments!

Citrus Carrot Favor



Typically, Easter means the arrival of all sorts of sugary sweets. Chocolate eggs and jelly beans galore. So here is your healthier alternative: Citrus Carrot Favors are made of three different varieties of citrus fruits to build this sweet carrot! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sugar, but we thought we’d create a more refreshing alternative to mix things up. Bring these Citrus Carrot Favors to the office, the classroom, or to your neighbors as a seasonal treat! Chances are they’ll appreciate the sentiment and the juicy fruit!

Get the easy how-to after the jump!

Botanical Easter eggs



I’ve been wanting to try these black botanical Easter eggs since last year when I became obsessed with Molly Peacock’s book about the 18th century paper artist, Mary Delany, The Paper Garden. In fact, I even suggested we start a book club with this title and then I just NEVER followed through. Because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. So I bought Easter eggs, painted them black, lost them, then rebought and painted new ones last week, AND THEN found last year’s. Always, huh?! Well, if you need any botanical Easter eggs, you know where to find them. These are a great idea if you like to spend a bit of time on an art project. I realize the detail is a bit more advanced, but you can simplify with easier color blocks and shapes to cut down on time. These could be great for kids in this simplified way. I give some suggestions below.