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Projects / Monday, 15 Jul 2019

Two toned paper chain wall hanging with template

So many of you have been making the paper chain hanging that we debuted two years ago and it’s been so fun to see you post about it. You’ve been making them for store displays, birthdays, showers, and just for fun. We thought we’d create more patterns for you so here’s our latest go. What I’m loving about them is that they are SO easy to make and super impactful in a space. It would be so lovely as a poster replacement.

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Design + garden + Projects / Monday, 8 Jul 2019

DIY Colorful Summer Pots

Summer is in full swing here at The House Lars Built we’ve been working not only sprucing up the inside of our white house but the outside as well. Since we have such a lovely blank canvas to work with, you all know my feelings on neutrals vs default colors, we thought it would be nice to throw some color into the palette. Goal: work some color into our main entryway. Plan: use flowers, terra cotta pots, white paint and thoughtfully selected colors that help us work any colors our hearts might desire into our outside decor. Outcome: A lovely colorful entryway! These pots are easy, beautiful and a quick fix to spruce up any entryway not to mention inexpensive!

Painted garden pots

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Projects / Monday, 1 Jul 2019

DIY Paper Hydrangeas

We are thrilled to join in as the 25th and final day of the #25DaysofMaking with Nest, a non-profit that supports artisans around the world. The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to unplug from their screens and reconnect with the act of making things by hand. I’m a big believer in the need for disconnecting and refocusing as well as supporting artisans so I jumped at the chance to spread the message. They’ve had an impressive line up of artisans presenting their unique crafts and I encourage you to take a lookie. It’s all so inspiring!

Of course, we had to turn to one of our favorite modes of crafting–paper flowers!

Here at Lars, our flowers are like children; we say we don’t have any favorites, but there may be one or two we definitely have a soft spot for. For me, it’s hydrangeas. I am an absolute hydrangea lover, but then again, I can’t imagine anyone not being a hydrangea lover. There’s just something about those beautiful blooms, the pinks, whites, and blues that really come alive in the sun. Given our history of paper floral arrangements, we decided to make hydrangeas the next flower to bloom year round! Read on →

DIY + Projects + Style / Monday, 24 Jun 2019

Farmer’s Market tote with Infusible Ink

Our friends at Cricut just came out with a new product called Infusible Ink and I was honored to be a part of their new commercial (you can watch it here!). They filmed my actual reaction to the product reveal and let me tell you, those reactions are 100% real. Take a lookie!

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DIY + Projects / Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

How to monogram everything!

On my trip to Denmark in March, I spotted some adorable tote bags, coin purses, and handkerchiefs at one of their “dollar stores”. Listen, their “dollar stores” rarely have anything that’s actually a dollar, but you don’t even notice the exact price because everything at these dollar stores is well-designed and soooo cute. I LOVE walking through their mazes (think a smaller version Ikea) and classical music playing. It’s dark and full of surprises at every turn. It’s so great. I thought it’d be fun to buy a bunch of them as souvenirs for my team and friends and add monograms to EVERYTHING! I’m on a huge monogram kick lately.

In an ideal world, if I didn’t have a baby to wrangle, I would have embroidered them on the plane, but it’s now June and I’m FINALLY done with them. I showed a little sneak peek on Stories of what I was up to and got a lot of questions about the monogram process so I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s how to monogram EVERYTHING! AND, our own custom monogram font. Ye haw!  Read on →