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DIY flower pounding on fabric

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  • Krystal says

    Is this just for display? Also does washing remove the desgins, plus you said this could also be used to keep flowers fresh but won’t they get mashed up from the pounding?

  • Penni Brown says

    I am so in this project! I love that the end results looks like water colour and embroidery!

  • Nancy says

    I too am wondering about the “washability” of a design like this. I would love to do this on some onesies for my granddaughter.

  • Emily Marshall says

    I have tried this, but nothing I do after making it and washing it keeps the colors on the fabric. Do you not wash it? You’d have to, right? Help, please. I love this.

  • Mel says

    If using fabric does the fabric need to be treated with anything other that heat setting before washing?

  • Earlene says

    I waited two days after pounding and then ironed it on high. But decided, since it would be worn, to soak it in a bath of water with some vinegar and soap. I was hoping to set the color further, but the solution turned the red flower color to brown-beige! Embroidering over this change will give two dimensions and save my mistake.

  • Toni K says

    This is only for decor, and not meant to be functional, I believe. So it can’t be expected to be washed, just enjoyed as a beautiful reminder of your garden. Maybe a decorate a napkin, then put it in a frame.

  • Kami says

    Hey! thats pretty cool! as an artist, i was deeply freshened from mt creative block wich i hates getting……….but, thats real cool!!! if your wanting to make a peice of clothing out of this masterpieve, u cud soak the cloth in dye stablelizer..wich u can find on amazon……..i heard this from Rosery Aperrell……so give her the praise.