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Dye in every shade of the rainbow using natural ingredients and DIY Napkins

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  • Felicia says

    I love Le Creuset and these colorful naturally dyed napkins, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely inspired to make some napkins and dye them. I especially love the berries and purple cabbage ones!

  • Jacquie says

    Love this post! So colourful, and brilliant ideas for dying fabrics…thank you! I’m a little confused about some of the dying processes though, so can you clarify that there are beets added to the strawberries (pink instructions), spinach to the blueberries/blackberries (blue instructions) and beets to the cabbage (purple instructions), or are these typos? Sorry, I feel like I missed something in those steps. Thanks again for the wonderful ideas!

  • Jennifer says

    The best natural pink color comes from using avocado skins!! I always love that “purple” cabbage makes blue 😉 Love the napkin idea!! They came out gorgeous!

  • Jess says

    Hi, don’t suppose you’ve got any washing instructions for using natural dyes? I’m wanting to die a linen dress I have but don’t want the dye to wash out within a few washes or discolour anything else x

  • K says

    I think there are some copy & pasting errors in the blog post? Or perhaps I’m missing something? The word “beets” is stated halfway through multiple of the color instructions, but I suspect it is meant to repeat the fruits/veggies listed within the first step of the given color instructions instead of bringing in beets in addition 🤔 I’ll attempt to dye blue without beets and hope for the best! Otherwise, glad I found this to revive a dreary top! Thanks!