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collaborations + Life + Shop / Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Amanda Jane Jones joins the Lars Print Shop!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome graphic designer and author, Amanda Jane Jones to the Lars Print Shop! A few months back, Amanda was looking for a home for her new collection of prints that are inspired by her new book co-authored by her husband, Cree, Yum, Yummy, Yuck. I didn’t have to think twice about it. I knew that we wanted, no needed those beautiful prints of Amanda’s in our shop. So I reached out and awaited her response with butterflies in the tum tum. She got back to me, and as you may be able to tell the response was “Yes!” and so we set her shop in motion!

This is Amanda’s first line of illustrative prints and she is “over the moon excited with how they turned out” as are we! The pieces were designed with versatility in mind, they are fun and bright enough to be in a child’s room, but also bold and graphic enough to be on the mantle in your living room. They are the perfect pop of color for any room in the house! From children to adults these are fitting for everyone! Read on →

Life + Shop / Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

New in the shop: Christmas decorations

You may have seen our recent line of wrapping paper but have you have you seen our ornaments and holiday decor yet?! In case you can’t tell we are in the Christmas mindset here at Lars, sugar plums dancing in our heads and everything. So, it only made sense to embrace the Christmas feels instead of suppress them. And embrace we did! Starting with wrapping paper and leading up to so much more! Including these ornaments that we have decided would look lovely on each and every one of your Christmas trees (especially with that Lars wrapping paper underneath *wink* *wink*).

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christmas + Shop / Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019

Wrapping paper in Lars’ House!

New Christmas wrapping paper from The House That Lars BuiltAnyone remember a few months ago when I talked to you on Instagram stories about the idea of wrapping paper in our shop? Well, you were all so encouraging and enthusiastic about the prospect of Lars Wrapping paper in your home this holiday season that we went ahead and created the line!

The line was design by the lovely Monica Dorezwinski (check out her prints in our shop!), but final decisions were made by the members of our Lars family (i.e.: you guys!) via Instagram stories. We were neck and neck on a few designs but these guys proved victorious and each ended up winning by the landslide!

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Design + Shop / Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

Art for the kitchen

Have you ever thought about using kitchen appliance as art? Well if you haven’t you definitely will be after peeping Dolce & Gabanna’s newest collaboration with Smeg. As if Dolce & Gabanna and Smeg aren’t sufficiently beautiful brands on their own their collab can only be described as heavenly. The appliances are all hand painted in a Sicilian folklore style and are definitely going to cost you a pretty penny but we think it might just be worth it? For those of us whose price points are a little lower we have linked up some beautiful decor items that are bound to turn your home into a livable museum!

  1. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Expresso Machine
  2. Vintage Chinoiserie Vase
  3. Emerald Green Boxes
  4. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Sain Genevieve Refrigerator 
  5. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Stand Mixer
  6. Palmette Salad Plate
  7. Metal Tray With Snake Handles
  8. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Toaster
  9. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Carretto Range
  10. Gold Embossed Charger Plate
  11. Vintage Florentine Wooden Virgin Mary Picture
  12. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Electric Kettle
  13. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Blender
  14. Navy Blue Linen Tablecloth 

Book Club + downloads + Shop / Friday, 18 Oct 2019

October Book Club Art

Hello Readers! Have you been following along with us as we’ve read We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Taking a stop in spooky town this Halloween season with this seemingly everyday story that is full of subtle and creepy twists turning it into the ultimate tale. This month’s illustration is by one of our very own interns, Jessica Whittaker, we fell in love with her work when she illustrated our October cake topper! We will be interviewing Jessica soon so stay tuned!

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