Valentine’s Heart Attack Take 3

This Valentine’s heart attack is something that your friends and family will love! Whether they’re near or far, this package will brighten up their Valentine’s Day.

Read below for the details on this package, and be sure to check out all of our Valentine’s gift ideas and printables linked below!

You’ll Need:

  • Box
  • Scissors
  • Paper in shades of red and pink

Clearly, I can’t get enough of the sendable heart attacks. I sent a few Valentine’s heart attacks to people around town, but I needed to send one to my sister, Caitlin, so I tried a different version this year. Ideally, there’d be enough hearts to swim in them. You know like Duck Tales how they swim in money?

DIY Valentine’s heart attack box


  • box
  • scissors
  • hearts (and lots of them). I even made some pop-up hearts for the sides.

These are great for loved ones living far away or even in town. Who doesn’t love getting snail mail?

Check out last year’s sendable heart attack box here and a heart attack for the door here.

Photos by Liv Colliander

Valentine’s Day Printables

In addition to sending out your Valentine’s heart attack box, we have some printables that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts or activities. These printable crowns will have you feeling festive for the holiday. If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party (or Galentine’s party?), hand out these crowns to your guests! For those near or far, these printable Valentine’s candy boxes or Valentine poppers are perfect for sending their favorite sweets. For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, check out this gift guide for when your significant other doesn’t know what to get you (but you still want to be surprised)! There are gift categories including gifts for her, for everyday use, and for the hostess! You can also use some Lars wrapping paper to make your Valentine’s gifts looking cute on the outside!

There are so many printables for you available in the Lars Valentine’s Day shop, including some Valentine’s game printables. With tic tac toe, bingo, would you rather, and some coloring pages, your Valentine’s celebration is sure to be a hit!

For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas to those near and far, check out the Lars Valentine’s shop!


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