Potted paper Easter lily

Make a potted paper Easter lily
Potted paper Easter lily
Paper Easter lily tutorial
Greetings from California! I’m here on the beaches of Ventura enjoying the crafter’s paradise at Craftcation where I’ll be speaking and doing a workshop (anyone here???), but in the mean time…let’s learn how to make some potted paper Easter lilies, shall we? I think Easter lilies are some of the most lovely, delicate, and pure creatures–the perfect image for spring. Last year I showed some ways to wrap up some real ones to give as host/ess gifts, but how cool would it be to make a paper lily and give as a gift in a pot?!
Click below for full tutorial!
  • double-sided crepe paper
  • scissors, wire
  • wire cutters
  • pot
  • moss
  • floral foam
  • lily template (download here)

Step 1: Cut out the template here and place it on a fold with the crepe grain going vertically.

Step 2: With the edge of scissors, curl each petal out.
Step 3: Bring the two edges of the lily together to form a cylinder and glue the sides together.
Step 4: Glue a piece of wire in at the base.
Step 5: Pinch the bottom together.
Step 6: Cut out a piece of green crepe paper going against the grain. About 1/2″ wide is good and 18″ in length.
Step 7: Wrap it around the piece of wire.
Step 8: Cut out leaves with the grain going vertically and insert those periodically down the wire. Lilies have lots of leaves so go crazy!
Step 9: Make the inside stamen of the lilies by wrapping the crepe together vertically like a joint and gluing 3-5 of them inside.
Step 10: Insert a piece of floral foam into a pot.
Step 11: Cover with moss.
Potted paper Easter lily tutorial

photography by Trisha Zemp



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