I’m not sure foreigners (ie: my husband) understand the squawk Americans make about our birthday, but we love it! In addition to major patriotism it’s also a celebration of summer, family, food, and fireworks. It’s a good day. Here’s a sweet garland idea that Trisha (you may know her for her great photography) came up with. Isn’t it great! And she’s Canadian…double points!

Materials: cardstock, star punch (or Cricut machine with the star design), watercolor set, brush, paper cutter or scissors, glue stick, twine

Step 1: Watercolor your cardstock in thick strokes. Some should be red and some should be blue.
Step 2: Cut down your red and blue paper to 2 x 1″
Step 3: Fold the strips in half.
Step 4: To create the blue stars, punch a star on one end of the paper.
Step 5: String the twine through the inside fold of the paper.
Step 6: Glue down the folded piece with your glue stick.
Step 7: Follow the color pattern in the pictures to create the stripes effect.

Such a fun take on the typical banner! Thanks Trisha! 

 photography and crafting by Trisha Zemp 
styling by Brittany Jepsen

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