Jasper wears a 4th of July sponge crown and red overalls.
4th of July balloon bunting on the old Lars Studio house

Festive DIY 4th of July Projects

My town goes all out for the 4th of July, so I’ve learned to really get into the celebratory spirit. Over the years I’ve made so many 4th of July projects that I realized I simply had to share them with you all in one place! Take a look at these projects and let me know which one is your favorite.

red white and blue tie dye bandanas arranged on a surface

Nothing says celebration to me like crafting, so I’ve compiled my favorite DIY 4th of July projects. I’ve made a list of things to wear, things to decorate with, and things to eat, so no matter what you’re looking for there’s a craft here for you!

Things to Wear

Last year I put together a 4th of July style guide because I love dressing festively! But over the years I have also made lots of wearable DIY 4th of July crafts.

A great one to start with is this DIY tie dye bandana. Starting with red or blue bandanas means that your finished product will be both beautiful and patriotic, but you could make this craft in any color for a fun, kid-friendly summertime project.

Another headwear project for the 4th is this Lady Liberty Floral crown. Because who said that the 4th of July can’t be both patriotic AND whimsical?

A woman with light brown hair and a red blouse looks downward. She's wearing a blue bandana tied on her head and she's standing outside. Lady Liberty Flower Crowns

Looking for a cute, creative, and hilarious way to keep your kids cool during the scorching celebrations? Look no further than the DIY sponge crown. The idea is that you get it wet in the morning and it rains refreshing water down all day. It’s also quite the fashion statement!

You’ll also be a fan of our new printable 4th of July glasses, which are a SUPER easy DIY and would make excellent party favors!

DIY Sponge Crown for kids A blonde woman in a blue striped dress with red and white rick rack wears blue paper glasses with white accents in the shape of round flowers. She's standing against a blush pink background.

And don’t forget this swag flag necklace! It’s a slightly more understated approach to festive 4th of July clothing and replicates one of my favorite holiday decorations: bunting!

A woman holding a parade flag wears a swag flag necklace and a lady liberty floral crown. She's standing in a park and smiling.

Things to Decorate With

Speaking of bunting, I have tutorials for three different kinds of patriotic bunting, which you can find all in one place here.

Brittany stands on a ladder and puts up red, white, and blue paper bunting on a white house.

This American flag garland is another take on DIY Bunting for a single wall or backdrop. If you’re having a party for the 4th, this would be a great place to take pictures of your guests!

Brittany hangs up a flag-shaped banner made of little paper squares strung together against a black backdrop.
Photography and crafting by Trisha Zemp

You know the phrase “you get what you pay for?” Well, I think it applies to time as well as money. Crafts that take a longer time often end up being extra special, like this American flag weaving. It’s such a durable, timeless project, and you’ll be so glad you spent the time to weave such a lovely tapestry. A red, cream, and blue woven flag tapestry hangs on a white brick wall above a blue tablecloth. There are a few balls of yarn and some houseplants on the table and a wicker chair is pulled out next to it.

The 4th of July is a great holiday to spend outdoors, and this American Flag Picnic blanket makes it easy (and festive!) to enjoy a meal in the sun. It’s also a super fast project, so if the slow tapestry isn’t your speed this would be a great craft!

Step by step photo instructions of how to make an american flag picnic blanket.A painted american flag picnic blanket outside. a guitar, peaches, and a picnic basket with dogwood flowers on a painted american flag picnic blanket.

Things to Eat (Or Eat With)

Speaking of picnics, no holiday is complete without a fun meal! It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of cooking, but these DIY floral ice cubes and Berry lemonade popsicles hardly count. They’re so easy and pretty that they feel like regular crafts!

DIY Floral ice cubesberry lemonade popsicles on a wooden cutting board.

These printable hot dog trays are a great addition to your party planning arsenal. After all, what’s more American than a hotdog at a picnic? As a bonus, there won’t be dishes to clean up afterward. Win-win!

Printable Hot Dog Trays

If you’re planning more of a sit-down affair, these woven placemats are perfect. They perfectly ride the line between put-together and casual that is just right for the 4th of July.

step by step photos detailing how to weave 4th of July paper placemats Woven placemats in red white and blue with photos of sandwich ingredients around.

DIY 4th of July Picnic

There’s a really good reason why picnics are classic 4th of July activities. Also, a Picnic is a lovely way to put together several handmade elements into one fabulously festive event! Several years ago the Lars team had a 4th of July picnic and made this adorable video celebrating a handmade 4th of July. I love all the ways that they incorporated various projects into their cute picnic, but now we have even more DIY 4th of July projects! Watch this video for inspiration but then run wild with new ideas for a festive fourth!

Tell me about your 4th of July plans in the comments! I would love to hear about your favorite festive traditions, and if you make any of these crafts tag me with #LarsParties!



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