Printable Hot Dog Trays

Printable food Trays

Picnic season has officially arrived and with 4th of July festivities right around the corner, we want to make sure you’re prepared! Outdoor eating means ditching the dishes in replace of paper goods. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time finding holiday appropriate paper goods that aren’t tacky. This is a problem especially when I don’t plan ahead and buy some online. Summer is all about the last minute get together! We want to ensure that you have some festive paper goods to use at your next event that aren’t the least bit cheesy! Details matter, remember? These printable hot dog trays don a freshened up color palette perfect for the 4th of July. Load them up with hot dogs and burgers, s’mores supplies, popcorn, and whatever other goodies you want! Potato chips and hot dogs have never looked so good! And neither have balloon hot dogs 😉

Printable Hot Dog Trays

Continue for the download!

Printable Hot Dog TraysPrintable Hot Dog Trays

Printable Hot Dog Trays

If you’d like to fill your trays with hot dog balloons, see the tutorial here!


Printable Hot Dog Trays


  1. Cut out the printable hot dog trays out and cut the slits as well.
  2. Fold on the score linesPrintable Hot Dog Trays
  3. Overlap the corner piece so the score line aligns with the slit.Printable Hot Dog Trays
  4. Secure with double-sided tape

Printable Hot Dog Trays

Line the trays with napkins, wax or parchment paper. Enjoy!

Printable Hot Dog Trays

Photography by Anna Killian | Graphics by Ashley Isenhour  


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