DIY hot dog balloonSome of the most famous, creative breakthroughs have come through dreams. Did you know the melody for Yesterday was written in Paul McCartney’s sleep? Even Einstein’s theory of relativity was the outcome vivid dream. Now, it’s my turn. Divine inspiration has come to me, and it’s come in the form of…

a hot dog.

This DIY hot dog balloon garland literally came to me in a dream! I mean, it’s pretty much on par with the theory of relativity, right?

DIY hot dog balloonI was in charge of planning a baby shower for a friend of mine. She’s an illustrator and often draws little hot dogs and hamburgers. So, naturally, her shower should be hot dog themed. Hot dogs… buns… bun-in-the-oven… it’s only logical. If you’re not throwing a hot dog themed baby shower anytime soon, this garland could also make for a great addition to your next barbecue.

DIY hot dog balloon garland

DIY hot dog balloonDIY hot dog balloonDIY hot dog balloon confetti

See how to make the hot dog balloon garland below


  1. Use the pump to blow up the balloons. Be sure to blow them up all the way so that there isn’t an unfilled section at the end.
  2. Pinch the middle of the balloon tight and let go of the end. Make the hot dogs a tad bit longer than the buns.
  3. Tie the end.
  4. Once all of the balloons are blown up, start gluing. Glue a hot dog and bun together.
  5. Take a bun and glue it under the hot dog. Make sure there’s a tied end on both sides of the hot dogs. No tied ends should be on the same side or you won’t be able to string them together. Be sure to place the hot dog on top of the bun, instead of gluing them directly side by side.
  6. Start tying the hot dogs together. Alternate which end of the bun you’re tying to as shown below.
  7. Once they’re all strung together, lay them in a row and begin painting on the mustard. Let it dry, and paint on another layer. It may take 2 or 3 layers of paint to get the mustard to really show up.

DIY hot dog balloonDIY hot dog balloon garland