Moment for me: How not to arrange flowers

photography by Heather Janis
My first Moment for Me, came in the way of a package that arrived at my door on Monday filled with lots of goodies. Christmas in April? Yes please! One of the goodies was a gift certificate for a Fresh Flowers 101 class. They nailed it! I was kind of giddy at the thought of taking a little break for a class. I felt pampered. The class was taught at Thanksgiving Point, a local events and gardens center, and apparently, it was their first ever fresh flowers class. The teacher had set up beautiful pots lining the tables with our names printed on signs. 
She taught us step by step how to go about making an arrangement and I thought I had paid attention well until she let us loose. Immediately, I was the slowest one in the group as I, somehow, turned my oasis (is that what it’s called?) into a sculpting project. The teacher calmly told me that I needed to start over again. Horrifying, right? 
Definitely, the best part of flower arranging is picking out the flowers. I was the last to go, which was just fine because I take way too much time deciding. I ended up going with a more pastel scheme, even though they had these amazing red tulips from their gardens. 
So, you start with a few in the middle, criss-crossing them, and then add a few more bulky flowers in like these roses below.

And then just keep on going. Look how happy it makes you to arrange flowers:

 Maybe I should have put on some make-up and brushed my hair.

By the end I was much less nervous of hurting the delicate little flowers and just went for it. Because I had all these flowers at my fingertips, I wasn’t afraid to use whatever I darn well pleased. 
Häagen-Dazs, ya done good. If this is what the moments are, I’m all ready for you! You can follow along on more of these moments #hdmoment or here.
A huge thank you to Heather Janis for snapping these beautiful pics. Aren’t they lovely? 



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