Materials: circle rug from Ikea ($20!), spray paint (white and yellow for lemon & red, black, white, green for watermelon. I used gloss because it turned out to be stronger than the satin), sturdy scissors, kraft paper or any other paper that’s wide enough to cover the mat, x-acto, plastic sheet for protecting the ground, coins to use as weights, ruler, Sharpie
For the watermelon mat
Step 1: Fold your mat in half and mark it on either side with a Sharpie to reference as the mid point. Make sure your line goes with the grain of the rug.
Step 2: Create a line down the middle with your ruler
Step 3: Cut down the center. If you’ve made your mark with the grain it’s a lot easier to cut.
Step 4: Spray paint the rugs white to act as the base color.