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Uncategorized / Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Now hiring

Exciting news! We have a few job availabilities that we are looking to fill ASAP. We are so (so so so so so so so) sad to be losing our content editor/designer, Becca, who has been with us for nearly three years. That means, we are looking for a new one! This is perfect for all you creatives out there! We’re also looking for a project manager and graphic designer, plus we’re still interviewing interns right now for the upcoming semester, particularly graphics, social media, and business interns. If you know of anyone, please send this post their way!

You can take a look at job descriptions on this page. All positions will be based in our Springville, UT office.

Please submit your resume, portfolio (if applicable) to brittany [at] thehousethatlarsbuil [dot] com with subject line the position you’re applying for.

DIY + Uncategorized / Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018

Dessert Gift Packages

Dessert Gift Packages

I had no idea I could be this excited about toilet paper

I had no idea I could be this excited about toilet paper, but I’ve been proven wrong! Trust me guys, you are going to be blown away. This toilet paper is the most adorable I’ve ever seen, exhibits hilarious and clever branding, and the mission behind the product is truly inspiring. Who Gives A Crap (yes, that is the company’s genius name), is an amazing company creating toilet paper from 100% recycled materials. They donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for the 2.3 billion people without access to one. Good for your bum, great for the world!

Dessert Gift Packages

Take a closer look at these Dessert Gift Packages and learn more about Who Gives A Crap!

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Crafts + Projects + Uncategorized / Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017

Morning Glory: Fine Art of Paper Flowers and giveaway

We are long-time fans and we’re now thrilled celebrate the book release of the talented Tiffanie Turner! She creates some of the most realistic paper flowers and is now sharing all her tips in “The Fine Art of Paper Flowers: A Guide to Making Beautiful and Lifelike botanicals.” Be sure to grab yourself a copy as the book comes out TODAY! We’re sharing the tutorial for Morning Glory here at Lars to give you a taste of how wonderful this book truly is! See how to win yourself a copy of the book below!

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Uncategorized / Friday, 23 Jun 2017

Our 5 favorite pink projects

We had another post planned for today and then Instagram went bananas for National Pink day so, taking a nod from Joy, I’m sharing our top 5 favorite pink projects. Pink is certainly the color of the moment and has been for some time. I try and think of what I would do without pink and I get stumped every time. It’s a neutral, it’s soft, it works with so many colors. Read on →

Life + Uncategorized / Wednesday, 1 Feb 2017

Let’s Join Forces!

Photo Styling

I’ve been feeling especially grateful these past few weeks. We’ve had a lot going on over here at Lars (all good stuff!), and with all the chaos and stress, my emotions have been running high. Anyone relate? I am so lucky I am to be a part of such a talented community of people. There is so much goodness in this world and we need one another to keep afloat on this crazy journey! I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow from amazing people. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to be around people that inspire you and recharge your batteries? So lets join forces and share the love!

Photo Styling

I’ve decided I want to help spread that inspiration even more by better utilizing my resources. Zeqr is a new platform aimed at making it easy to share and exchange knowledge online. I’m working with them to help kick-start the creation of a global community of artists, bloggers, small business owners, and creatives in which they can interact in a personal way. You can connect through live sessions with experts that will teach you any skill imaginable! How amazing is that? Read on →