A framed paper-cut floral print on a spruce-themed wallpapered wall by a yellow bed and a blue lamp

Floral Decor roundup

Continuing with our floral theme for May, I’ve made a roundup of interior design decor items incorporating everything floral. I’m always on the hunt for the right vase for different types of flowers. And with home renovations taking place, I am also looking for those finishing touch items that will pull the place together. From an array of vases to rugs to cozy pillows and throws, we’ve gathered a full list of interior design items that will make your home a floral interior dream!

Spring and summer means that flowers are in full bloom, and I’m LIVING FOR IT. Because flowers are my source of inspiration this time of year, I’ve gathered a comprehensive list of floral decor items that you can use for your own floral interior decor. Do you ever feel like you can never find the right vase for your flowers? Or are you constantly in search for the perfect rug for your space? Or have you left a blank empty wall in your home? Look no further! I found all kinds of flower-inspired items for all types of spaces. It’s time to turn over a new leaf in your interior design, from vases of all kinds to floral rugs, tableware, and more.

Decorate your space with floral decor from top to bottom with these Lars-approved selections!


Bringing fresh flowers into your home is an instant way to elevate your space and your mood. Don’t forget the vase, though! Here are some of my favorites.

These vases hold their own next to a fresh bouquet of blooms with their bright colors.

Fresh flowers in warm colors stick out of blue, pink, yellow, and aqua two-toned vasesPink, purple and white flowers burst out of a scalloped aqua vase

Alternatively, if you’re looking for simple colors but strong silhouettes, these two fit the bill.

A vase with a tall neck and scalloped handles sits on a pile of books A white vase with ceramic, fan-like fins sits on a table. Two calla lilies are inside.

I can’t be stopped when it comes to floral decor, so here are more great vases.

For the Walls

Hanging some art or a beautifully-framed mirror is one of the easiest home upgrades. I also found some picture frames, because there’s nothing quite like photos of your loved ones wreathed in flowers.A golden metal branch with intricate metal flowers and leaves and five hanging rectangular picture frames below in a powder blue room.

I have a whole garden full of floral prints in my print shop, which means that you can shop small while surrounding yourself with whimsical floral decor!

Two papercut floral prints on a spruce wallpapered wall.A print of flowers in a green secret garden tunnel hangs on the wall in front of a plant and some craft supplies

Here are more of my favorite floral-themed things to hang on your walls (and check out this article about designing with mirrors)


Looking at this gorgeous floral tableware has me already planning a floral-themed dinner party! Or a tea party! Can you imagine how cute??

Four floral dessert plates with sweet calico-like designsA modular floral tea set, complete with teapot, teacup, sugar bowl, and creamer

It’s a long-running joke on the blog that I don’t cook, but I could be persuaded to try with this Marimekko apron!A graphic green and blue floral apron.

Don’t forget all of this lovely floral tableware!


Pillows can add a really impactful pop of color and design to a space. I especially love these embroidered ones! Look how idyllic!

A cozy living room with wide open windows, lovely wooden furniture, a comfy loveseat, and floral throw pillows

I have a post about designing a room with throw pillows here.

Blankets and Throws

Now that you have pillows, don’t forget to level up your coziness with these blankets. I’m already fantasizing about curling up under one on a sunny afternoon for an (uninterrupted, please) nap.

Someone stands behind a bold-printed floral blanket in royal blue and rich yellows and oranges, holding it up. Their hands and feet are visible.

The best floral decor is not only beautiful, but snuggly. Here are more cozy blankets and throws!


I could browse rugs all day. And sometimes I do! Ha! You’ll feel like you’re walking through a magical garden with these beauties underfoot.

An intricately patterned rug in blues, greens, and pops of pinks, mustard, and pink.

And can you believe the detail on these birds? I’m thinking about how much fun it would be to design a room around the color scheme in this gorgeous hand-tufted birdsong rug.

Rugs are a great place to start when designing a room. Check these out as well as our other collections of affordable statement rugs under $1000!

Bringing floral decor into my home makes me feel so excited about spring and so luxurious. I hope it does the same for you! Go out and pick some posies, then get dreaming about your new floral decor!

a bold green artwork on a blush pink wall over a white sofa


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