Best gifts for crafters

Of course we can give all the gift guides we want for women, men, cousins, dogs, pets, you name it, but what is The House That Lars Built without a gift guide for crafters?! Here are the best gifts for crafters. They’re gifts both for crafting with AND for good craft room vibes. Because every crafter needs a little bit of color and something pretty to look at. If we could we would send this to the person in your life buying you a little something, but feel free to send it to them as a major hint ;).

1. Cricut Maker. You know we use ours for EVERYTHING!
2. Cricut mats are crucial!
3. Basic Tool kit for Cricut. You gotta have these!
4. Rainbow calendar (the same one as my office!)
5. Puzzle for a little break by my favorite Nathalie L’ete
6. Candle for a sweet aroma to cover the glue gun smell.
7. Speaking of, glue gun ornament
8. Craft your art out sticker
9. LOVE these embroidery kit stockings
10. Do it yourself notebook
11. Instax printer for a fun project
12. Block Print kit
13. These paint by number sets are SO fun!

Best Gifts for crafters

And here’s the complete list of the best gifts for the crafter in your life. Of course, every crafter has their specialty, but I believe every one will love these 🙂

That’s not it, we have more gift guides for you coming up just in time for Black Friday and beyond. Here are more to check out!

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Let me know if there’s a specific gift guide you’d like to see. I’m happy to add in more. Stay tuned for stocking stuffers, design books, and small businesses. If you have a small business you think we should highlight, let us know in the comments.


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