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Christmas gifts for men

Gift Guides continue and today I’m sharing gifts for men. Mind you, these are items that I would definitely wear myself–ha! I think dressing as a man isn’t as boring as it is made to seem. It CAN be colorful and fun and not too over the top (though I’m certainly not opposed to that!).

1. Paddle boards I love how classic yet colorful these ones are.
2. Scarf Such a great color palette!
3. Yellow shoes Just a touch of yellow 🙂
4. Flower socks These are perfect.
5. Jacket
6. Luke Edward Hall book (required page turning)
7. Water bottle
8. Drone. Ok, I want this too.
9 Striped vest
10. Happy face socks
11. Mini arcade Paul has been collecting REAL arcades, but I think this size is more up my alley.

Christmas Gifts for Men

If you’re looking for more Christma gift suggestions, I got you. Here’s my complete list for Christmas gifts for men. Let me know if there’s something you think is crucial to add to the list!

Acrylic everything please

My husband is also a color lover and informed many of these selections. He especially loves acrylic anything so I included a tic tac toe set and those hysterical pills. Ha! In fact, I just stumbled upon this shop, which has a ton of acrylic products in bright colors, which is definitely his jam.

Also, did you see those beard lights? You stick them in your beard and they light up. Come on!

That’s not it, we have more gift guides for you!

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Christmas Gifts for men

Let me know if there’s a specific gift guide you’d like to see. I’m happy to add in more. Stay tuned for stocking stuffers, design books, and Christmas gifts for the crafter! 


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