Printable Ice cream wrapper

Quick Summer Crafts

Summer is in full swing, and this time of year is always a little bittersweet for me. By this point, the days are longer and hotter while the nights come slowly with the laughter of children in the humid air. There are baseball games and bonfires, amusement parks and days at the pool, but by the time the 4th of July has rolled around, I sadly accept that it is half over.

Instead of wallowing in that glass-half-empty mentality, we at Lars want to give you just another reason to celebrate the season with our Quick Summer Crafts! A combination of our signature printables and templates from our shop, these crafts will turn any regular day into a summer extravaganza!

DIY Quick Summer Crafts

Cornhole Bean Bags

Did someone say games? A staple of any summer bbq, cornhole is a quintessential picnic activity. But why use those boring square bean bags when you can download our colorful, fun-shaped template instead? Coming in a variety of shapes, these will be a total ace in the hole at any backyard shindig. Find the listing in our shop here

DIY painted cornhole set

Flower Crown 

A girls wears a flower crown.

I’m all about quick summer crafts, and this is one of my favorites. Our printable flower crown has all the elements of foraging for wildflowers without the hay fever. Best part? These ones won’t wilt!

Hot Dog Trays 

Printable Hot Dog Trays

I love hosting cookouts during the summer, but hate the cleanup. That’s why our printable hot dog trays are a great alternative to styrofoam plates and look oh so stylish while doing it. These trays could also work for burgers, popcorn, or any other snacks needing an upgrade.

Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Printable Ice cream wrapper

Watching my kids enjoy an ice cream cone when the weather finally warms up is one of my favorite summer scenes. That’s why I came up with these printable ice cream cone wrappers! They come in a variety of pastel patterns that will make you question why you ever chased the neighborhood ice cream truck. 

S’mores Trays

What is a campfire without s’mores? These printable trays will attempt to keep that ooey-gooey mess in the box and look festive to boot. Have younger kids you don’t want near a fire? Make the s’mores ahead of time in your oven (a great use for the broil setting!) and display them in the trays for easy access at the dessert table. Find the printable in our shop here!

S'mores in colorful paper trays against a pink wall with a jug of milk and some printable templates in the background.

flat lay of blue, pink, and multicolored paper s'more trays on a pink background. Graham crackers, marshmallows, oreos, and peanut butter cups are scattered around.

Paper Fruit Decorations 

Printable Paper Fruit DecorationsPrintable Paper Fruit Decorations

When I think of summer I think of all the colorful fruits and vegetables that will finally be in season. Enter these adorable paper fruit printables. One of our quickest summer crafts, all you need to do is cut, fold, and glue to have the freshest backdrop for any holiday party. 

Let us know in the comments which quick summer craft was your favorite, and if you decide to make any, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #LarsMakes!


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