Brittany is wearing a blue and white gingham shirt and a multicolored patchwork scrunchie in her blonde ponytail. She's standing in front of a blush pink wall.
Overhead shot of the bandana and scrunchie, as well as some fabric scraps and gold scissors on a blush pink background

Patchwork Bandana and Scrunchie Set

Have you seen The School that Lars Built yet? I have a background in art history, and for a long time I have wanted to bring it together with what I do here with The House that Lars built. Last year these two passions converged when I released an online course geared toward teaching kids about art and art history with a focus on some of my favorite great artists. I have loved seeing some of the fantastic projects that the great (kid) artists who have taken the course have made. Because the course is online, it’s never too late to enroll the great mini artists in your life! Check it out here!

This week I wanted to revisit some of the magic from our Great Artists course, so I made a coordinating bandana and scrunchie set that’s inspired by the patchwork-like graphic design from our school’s webpage.

gif of patchwork, rainbow graphic featuring various projects from the Great Artists course

Long Live the Patchwork Trend!

If you’ve been here much at all in the last few years, you won’t be surprised to know that I am a sucker for all things patchwork and quilted. For a long time I lusted after for a quilted coat but couldn’t decide on which one to buy. Instead I put together a roundup of really inspiring coats that I still love!

Brittany wearing a patchwork bandana over her shoulders. Her hair is tied up with a bright red ribbon and she's in front of a pink backdrop.

After longing for a quilted coat for years, I commissioned Romy Cutler of Sew Like Romy to make me one, and now it is a serious wardrobe staple. You can look at the coat she made me and the accompanying tutorial here (and check out our interview of Romy here)! Later I used some leftover quilt pieces to make a sleep mask.

Brittany putting a patchwork scrunchie in her hair.

Quilting is such a great folk art and it connects us to our roots, so I think the patchwork trend is here to stay.

Quilted Bandana and Scrunchie Set

I still haven’t gotten patchwork quilting out of my system, so I incorporated it into this bandana and scrunchie set. In my mind’s eye I’m picturing a kid working on our Great Artist course with their hair tied back with the scrunchie. Isn’t that such a great mental image? I definitely feel extra creative when I’m wearing colorful, inspiring clothes and accessories!

Brittany wearing a patchwork scrunchie in her hair.

I also love how versatile bandanas are. They can be a scarf or kerchief, tie hair back, function as breathtaking gift wrap… I could go on! Really, the sky’s the limit with this coordinating patchwork bandana and scrunchie set.

colorful patchwork bandana on a blush background.

Make Your Own Patchwork Accessories

To find out how to make your own patchwork bandana and scrunchie set, download our e-book! It contains detailed step-by-step instructions, resources for materials, and some great tips to make the cutest DIY accessories around.

A patchwork handkerchief and coordinating scrunchie on a blush pink background with scraps of colorful fabric and some gold scissors.


I feel inspired to create when I’m wearing these colorful accessories, and I hope the same is true for you! If you make a patchwork bandana or scrunchie, share it with #LarsMakes.


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