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How to make a quilted coat

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  • Elizabeth Baddeley says

    Would love to know what pattern you actually used–the sleeves are quite different than those on the tamarack.

  • Joy Branham says

    Great tutorial–for demolishing an heirloom work of art. I’m ashamed of you and all the other “entrepreneurs” who ravish our quilt heritage.

    • Anna says

      Quilt coats, or “chore coats” as they’re known in much of America, are not new. In the part of the Appalachians where I’m from this has been a practice for generations as a way to make do and be thrifty. Shame on YOU for your bad attitude and judgment from ignorance.

  • Laurinda says

    I like this- it completely honors the work that goes into a quilt, while enjoying it even more, because everyone gets to see it’s beauty. Having a mother who quilted, I can say with certainty that not all of them are ‘precious heirlooms’. Sometimes they’re someone’s zen, & are sewn for the joy of piecing & sewing, not because someone necessarily needs a quilt

    • Sarah says

      Thank you, Laurinda! Well said! Use, reuse and enjoy; it’s better than having a a quilt sit on a closet shelf or in storage box. All quilts are not created equal.

  • Liz says

    I served my seams before attaching bias tape. It compresses the bulk making applying the binding so much easier to apply and gives more control.

  • Doris Do. Eratag says

    The binding on the inside seam, is it just over the raw edge or over the raw edge then sewn down. So is it sticking out a bit or does it lay flat? Want to make reversible.

  • Susan says

    Far better to cut out the pattern in batting then quilt onto this with your choice of fabric patchwork , any design then possible. Make up and ad lining and you have your design with your colours- totally you!!

  • Cecília says

    A quilters heart breaks when she hears how our quilt heritage is so disrespected. Every quilt has a story. So many hours of hand stitching went into these treasures. Quilt coats are beautiful. Make a quilt yourself, then cut it up to make a coat.

  • Sharon Buford says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I would love to replicate the quilt block pattern in this coat, I have looked everywhere and cannot find this particular pattern. I would like to make my own pattern for the block. Would you mind giving me the measurement of the side of the hexagon. I have looked everywhere and cannot find this particular