Field of
Art print of a person riding a bike with a basket full of flowers on a white wall with plants, a clock, and vases around.

Spring Art Prints for Spring Cleaning

When you watch home renovation or home organization shows, is your favorite part when the hosts do their rounds of finishing touches? Well, it certainly is my favorite! I love watching everything come together in the end and seeing how their choice of decorations add personality to a space. Once you are done with the difficult part of spring cleaning, which is the actual cleaning part of course, you can begin adding finishing touches to your own home. No one really considers replacing their wall art, but we’re here to convince you otherwise because our shop is full of beautiful spring art prints ready to add as the perfect finishing touches this season.

Every season we make it a habit to replace our throws, cushions, and seasonal holiday decor. Rarely do we consider how our wall art can bring about seasonal moods. Wrap up your spring cleaning by replacing some of the artwork in your home. Change them up with spring art prints for a fresh feel without having to redecorate anything else. From fine art to whimsical illustrations, our shop carries art for every interior style and personality.

Field of Colored Flowers Papercut print by Julie Marabelle on a stack of books in a blue striped bedroom

For the Home that Loves Colors and Patterns

Flowers are the emblem of spring, so why not choose ones in pretty color schemes by Adriana Picker. Any of them make a delightful statement and all four together clearly displays your readiness for spring.

Floral art prints by Adriana Picker

If you have been meaning to add bold colors in your room but haven’t had the chance to do so yet, try adding this Perforated Print or Color Block by Abby Low. They add balance when paired with colorful photographs like Miami Mountain by Jane Meritt or Yellow Mustard by Chaunté Vaughn.

Bold geometric art prints by Abby Low

Display Merricat’s Mushroom by Jessica Whittaker adjacent to a Pear by Amanda Jane Jones which make pink and green a perfect spring pair. For those who are looking for some art with text, check out Openness is Essential for Creativity by Lisa Congdon and Flamenco Flamingos by Alli Stocco.

Colorful art print with the words "openness is essential to creativity" among brightly-colored candlesticks and plants in a green space.

Lastly, wall art is never complete without a portrait somewhere. Use Be Willing to Destroy by Beci Orpin as a bold display for inspiration. Or add portraits of Iris Apfel and Grace Coddington as part of your new spring art print collection.

Graphic portrait of a woman with the text "be willing to destroy" among art supplies on a pink wall

Portrait of Grace Coddington by Josefina Shargorodsky among paper and real plants on a patterned wall

For the Home that Loves Neutral Tones and Muted Patterns

Floral prints by Chaunte Vaughn on a mint green wall

Starting with flowers, consider Stone Fruit or Anemones by Lynne Miller and Anthurium or Lily by Chaunté Vaughn. They are impactful images but neutral in color and tone. Seven Flowers by Yas Imamura conveys a calming and peaceful state of mind. Julie Marabelle created lovely dimensional papercut flower prints, like this Blue Potted Flowers that come in colored versions and blue versions. They are sure to be a favorite in your home.

Art print of seven blue flowers by Yas Imamura in a tranquil, neutral space.

If you’re looking for muted photographs, check out Jane Merrit’s photos, like Tropics Hotel. If you’re looking for illustrations, Monica Dorazewski drew several that are perfectly minimal yet full of personality. My favorites for spring are Easter Egg Lady and Riding Along with Flowers.


Art print of Easter Egg Lady by Monica Dorazewski on a white background with a paper tree on the side.

For portraits, Becoming by Cat Seto and Little Women by Becca Stadtlander are perfect options. If you want to add a bit of your own personality, choose an illustration by Libby VanderPloeg that corresponds to your job or interests, like this Gardener for spring.

Little Women art print on a patterned wall with warm colors around.

We hope you find several art prints to add to your spring art print collection. Print them yourself or order them printed and framed. We recommend having prints on hand for each season!

Field of Blue Flowers Papercut and Colored Potted Flowers Papercut art prints by Julie Marabelle on a wall with spruce-themed wallpaper.


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