5 ways to gift wrap for spring

Step 1: To make the little red tulip, cut out 5 petals in the shape of a tear with the grain of the crepe going vertically.
Step 2: Cut out grass by folding the paper in half a few times and cutting into it like chards. The grain of the crepe should go vertically.
Step 3: Fold the bottom of the grass in about 1/4″ inch. You will glue this onto the top of the box.
Step 4: To make the flower, dab some glue onto the bottom of the first petal and quickly add the wire onto it.
Step 5: Add the second petal on around the first one.
Step 6: Add the third petal on.
Step 7: Overlap the 4th and 5th petals onto the outside of the inner three.
Step 8: Cut about 1/2″strip of green crepe paper measuring about 6″ for a 4″ flower stem.
Step 9: Glue a dab of glue at the base of the flower and wrap it down the stem.
Step 10: Add in a leaf then continue wrapping.
Step 11: Make however many flowers you’d like to to complete your garden.
Step 12: Glue the grass strips onto the top of the box.
Step 13: Either poke holes into the top of your box or glue the flowers in place.
For this project, in addition to the little tulips I also made roses. Learn how to make the roses on my Skillshare class. Enter PAPER at checkout for 20% off.



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