Dip dyeing Spring

We love the dip dyeing trend! It just adds a little extra pizzazz to an otherwise plain object. Plus, you can dip dye almost anything! (I’m tempted to dip dye everything!). But, hey, when it looks this cute, who wouldn’t want to dip dye everything?

We’ve got a super easy tutorial below for (faux) dip dyeing. We dyed a couple of wicker baskets and a watering can, but you can use this tutorial to dip dye whatever you like!

You’ll Need:

  • White acrylic paint or spray paint
  • Blue tape
  • Paintbrush

At some point, I got really into baskets and acquired way too many for our small apartment. I thought it would be nice to gussy them up just a tad while still keeping the integrity of the object, so I decided to get on the dip dye trend and apply it to everything in sight. Watch out baskets! I thought it would be fun to do an Easter basket, watering can, and decorative basket.
Dip-dye is a term that means that you are actually dipping the object into dye, but it’s not a practical application for these objects. In this case it is just the look of dipping. Call it faux dip-dye.

DIY faux dip dyeing for Spring


  • White acrylic paint (or spray paint, just make sure everything is taped off)
  • blue tape
  • paintbrush


  1.  On this decorative basket, below, I decided how high I wanted to go. The basket reeds were already placed horizontally so I picked the 6th row and used that as my guide.
  2. Get your brush out and paint. I started with a big brush to apply the initial stripe and then used a smaller brush to get into the details.
  3. Apply a few coats.

To apply on a metal object like this watering can:

  1.  Get your blue tape out and measure where you’d like to place it. I placed my line one third from the bottom. Make sure you secure your tape tightly onto the can so the paint doesn’t escape.
  2.  Paint it!
  3.  Paint a few layers until it’s nice and thick.
  4.  Remove tape and voila!

Super easy, right? It would be so cute to add a bouquet of paper flowers to the dip-dyed wicker baskets! The perfect addition to your home decor for Spring!

Let us know in the comments how your dip dyeing crafts go!

step-by-step photos by Trisha Zemp
final photos by Brittany Jepsen 

More dip dye and Spring crafts

If you loved dip dyeing baskets for Spring, check out our tutorial for dip dyeing sweaters! We created ours with pastel colors, perfect for Spring! For more Easter and Spring crafting projects, take a look at our tutorials in the archives.




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