DIY Crafty Glamping

The raddest treehouse you ever did see.
Raise yer hand if you’re into camping! Trick question. My hand is down. Way down. HOWEVER, if you said the word glamping (glamourous + camping = glamping), you might hear the opposite response from me. Our buddy Quinn of QP Collections (remember the interview?) and his wife Katrina built the raddest treehouse in their backyard and they were kind enough to let us glamp, Lars style. Lars style glamping consists of games and crafts, of course all within a 50 foot radius of running water and modern-day plumbing thank you very much. Over the next few days we’ll show you how we glamp with tutorials and ideas and inspirations for your next trip.
But first! 
Every good glamping experience begins with the journey. We wear skirts and headwraps, pencil skirts and jelly sandals.
The raddest treehouse you ever did see.
After crossing the great outdoors (aka: the parking lot) we mentally prepare for the big hike up…the staircase.
Go glamping in a treehouse!
We soak in our surroundings and enjoy the view from the top.
Trisha made an adorable video to give you a preview of Lars approved glamping projects perfect to finish off your summer vacation. How adorable are they?!
Glamping collaboration
hair/make up by Jessie McArthur @hairbyjessiemcarthur 435-773-2001

Stay tuned for the upcoming glamping tutorials



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