Creepy Printable Art Decor for Halloween

What’s Halloween without some creepy artwork hanging up in your house? These printable artworks are perfect to create that haunted atmosphere, and it’s super cheap and easy to create!

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For our tortured artist party (see more details here), we wanted our Halloween decor to feel one part Haunted House and one part 17th century Dutch Baroque. Printable art decor was the perfect solution, as it looks extravagant but is actually really cheap! Ashley came up with the idea to print off some large scale engineering prints at the local printer (we love Printmark–old Cougar Copy–here in Provo, but Staples also works!) that run about $5 each. We simply printed them off and hung them up! You could even place them in some fancy gold frames for an extra elegant Halloween party. AND you can use them again for future Halloweens!
Spooky Halloween art decor (free!)
Spooky Halloween art decor (free!)
I love how customizable this printable art decor is. By choosing your own portraits, your party guests can really see your character come through! Maybe these portraits will inspire you to do a creepy Halloween portrait session of your own (if you’re doing a themed Halloween costume party like ours, this would be a great idea)!
Check out the full instructions and how to get the printable artwork below!

photography by Alpha Smoot
crafting by Ashley Isenhour
styling by Sarah Winward and Brittany Jepsen
art directed by Brittany Jepsen

Creepy Portrait Posters for Halloween decor

  1. Go to Rijksmuseum and create an account.
  2. Type “portraits” into the search bar. A “portraits” collection should pop up under the search bar. Click it.
  3. When you find a portrait creepy enough to fit your taste, click on it. Go to the bottom right of the enlarged version and click the scissor icon. Click “download this work.”
  4. Save your file on a flash drive and take it to your local printer and ask them for an “engineer print.” Staples or FedEx should do the trick! They offer a few sizes ranging from $2-$8.
  5. Hang up and enjoy your creepy Halloween portraits!

Fill those walls with holiday spirit this Halloween! We have more printable art decor available in the Lars Halloween shop, as well as some invitations and costume ideas! If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy those creepy portraits, check out our paper bag portrait luminaries tutorial!




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