Holiday Hair Do Part 1: Frozen braid

Frozen-inspired braid tutorial
Remember the collaboration I did with BHLDN a few months back? The balloon arch? Ring a bell? Well, Jessie McArthur who did the hair on our lovely ladies, provided the tutorials on how to re-create the hair. I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming holidays. A few months back I showed how to do the crown braid, and today I’m showing the Frozen-inspired braid that our model Anna wore (her name was ANNA for real!). 
Frozen-inspired braid tutorial

Photography by Trisha Zemp 
Above photo by Jessica Peterson
Hair by Jessie McArthur
Art directed and styled by Brittany Jepsen

Frozen-inspired braid tutorial

1. Part the hair on the side
2. Begin the braid adding in hair only from the top of head (one sided braid)
3. Bring the hair across the back of the head keeping it close to the face
4. Finish the braid tight to the end of the hair and tie off with hair elastic
5. Slide the elastic down to end of hair
6. Loosen the braid by pulling the individual pieces to create a fuller look
7. Bobby pin the braid in place to keep it secure




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