Valentine’s Day balloon heart


I realize this Valentine’s Day balloon heart tutorial is coming so late in the love day game, but the idea just came to me recently (based on this balloon arch from last year) and I had to try and rush to put it out there just in case anyone needs a last minute backdrop for a party or Galentine’s Day or something. You never know! As you know, I’m super last minute in everything so perhaps there’s a kindred spirit out there? Yeah? I was thinking it could be fun as a backdrop or just a fun decor piece. And this one didn’t nearly take as long as the arch, nor did it cost as much. Bonus!

Balloon heart tutorial

Balloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorial

Balloon heart tutorial


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  1. The steps are the same for the balloon arch, but the form of the heart I used heavy duty cardboard.
  2. Cut the cardboard into 2 1/2″ wide strips and then at a variety of lengths to fit the curves of the heart.
  3. Start with the center of the heart and create an “L” by gluing two pieces together.
  4. Continue gluing pieces onto each other. Trade off gluing under and over. This will help it keep flat.
  5. Once the heart shape is formed, add on the first base of the balloons. The trick to the effect of the balloons is to make a variety of sizes in various colors. I added on the biggest balloons first with gaffers tape to the cardboard.
  6. Once the biggest balloons are covering the cardboard, start adding on the smaller balloons with your lo temp glue gun or glue dots.
  7. Continue until you can’t see the cardboard anymore and you are layering balloons on top of balloons.
  8. Once the heart is filled with balloons. Attach the string to the top two sides of the heart and hang it in your desired spot.
  9. Add in the flowers. You might need to secure it with wire to the cardboard.


steps-to-make-balloon-heartBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorial

photography by Jessica Peterson 

balloons from Zurchers

hair by Aubrey Nelson

at Charcoal Loft Studio in SLC


  1. This is gorgeous!! I’m planning a Valentine’s Day baby Shower and would love to make this. Do you know exactly how many balloons you used/ordered?

    • for a large 5 foot wide heart we used:
      white 5 inch – 50 pack
      red 5 inch – 50 pack
      light pink -5 inch – 50 pack
      magenta 9 inch – 30 pack
      coral 12 inch – 15 pack

      We had some balloons leftover but not many it was the perfect amount. we used an air compressor to blow them up. we got the balloons from party city.

  2. super easy to do. We used two large circle wireframes from Michales and cut them in half and wired them together. It took about 175 ballons to fill the heart and half a dozen sprigs of floral from the dollar store. it was a huge hit at our church Valentine potluck. It only took a few hours to do and very cost-effective. we made sure that each balloon colour was one size and it had maximum effect. coral 12 inch, magenta 9inch, pink white and red 5 inches. the wireframe made it easy to set up the large balloons with twist ties and fill in later with glue dots with the smaller balloons.


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