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Valentine’s Day balloon heart

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  • Olivia White says

    For the balloon arch tutorial. It does not really explain how to do it, and I would love if you could give me more of a description or more details. Thank you!

  • Nikol says

    I don’t see the actually tutorial. All I see are a few pics of the set up. Did you hot glue them together? That’s what it looks like. That doesn’t pop the balloons? What’s that metal arm for? Most people don’t have that. What are you doing with that rope? It’s beautiful but I have no idea how to shape it or make them look that good.

  • Alyssa says

    This is gorgeous!! I’m planning a Valentine’s Day baby Shower and would love to make this. Do you know exactly how many balloons you used/ordered?

    • Kristen Gillis says

      for a large 5 foot wide heart we used:
      white 5 inch – 50 pack
      red 5 inch – 50 pack
      light pink -5 inch – 50 pack
      magenta 9 inch – 30 pack
      coral 12 inch – 15 pack

      We had some balloons leftover but not many it was the perfect amount. we used an air compressor to blow them up. we got the balloons from party city.

  • Kristen Gillis says

    super easy to do. We used two large circle wireframes from Michales and cut them in half and wired them together. It took about 175 ballons to fill the heart and half a dozen sprigs of floral from the dollar store. it was a huge hit at our church Valentine potluck. It only took a few hours to do and very cost-effective. we made sure that each balloon colour was one size and it had maximum effect. coral 12 inch, magenta 9inch, pink white and red 5 inches. the wireframe made it easy to set up the large balloons with twist ties and fill in later with glue dots with the smaller balloons.