DIY fringe carrot candy holder

Step 1: Make the carrot shape with the poster board using a this tutorial.

Step 2: Cut crepe paper against the grain about 1″ thick.

Step 3: Use your fringe scissors and cut in about 1/4″ from end.

Step 4: Start at the bottom of the carrot and start gluing the fringe around the bottom and going up.

Step 5: Every third row or so, add in a couple of layers of lighter colored crepe. Continue all the way to the top.

Step 6: For the handle, I used a piece of green poster board in the photo, but for little hands you’ll need wire instead. Wind a small piece of crepe paper around the wire and glue it as the handle inside the carrot.

Step 7: Add ribbons to the sides of the carrot for an extra flair.

stepsGiant Fringe Carrot-6867Giant Fringe Carrot-6858



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