DIY Tassel balloon

Step 1: Cut a 4″ strip of paper from an old book page. You may need to cut multiple strips to piece together to make your tassel full. Fringe your paper strips by cutting slits about 2.5″ up the bottom edge of your strips.
Step 2: Put a dab of hot glue in the upper left corner of your paper strip and begin to roll the strip. Use hot glue to attach the end of the strip and to add an additional strip or two until your tassel is your desired fullness.
Step 3: Wrap some colored washi tape around the top of your tassel.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for each tassel. I made 9.
Step 5: Use a good tutorial to make 5 tissue paper tassels. I like this one.
Step 6: Cut a length of baker’s twine for each tassel (I cut about an arm span). Attach a piece of twine to each tassel using hot glue. Hold the loose ends of all the strings in one hand. Adjust the tassels to desired positions by tugging on the gently.
Step 7: When the cluster of tassels looks the way you would like it tie the loose ends of the strings in a knot, then wrap the bundle around the tail of your balloon and tie into another knot. Make sure this one is snug. Trim loose ends, but make sure to leave a few inches so that your knot doesn’t come undone.
Step 8: Cut a 6-8 foot length of twine and tie one end tightly around the balloon tail. This is the string you will hold onto while you take your adorable pictures.
how to make a tassel balloon


Make a tassel balloon



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