A summer garden party with Twig NY

House Lars Built Dinnerware

If you’re just joining The House that Lars Built, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here! I announced earlier this year that I designed three dinnerware collections for Twig NY and Oh Happy Day featured the Language of Flowers collection yesterday. Hooray! I styled this summer garden party using this bright and cheery collection and Oh Happy Day is sharing the recipes for the Smoked Salmon Toasts that Ramblin Rose Cafe made for it.  You guys will want to bookmark it. It’s super tasty and fresh and beautiful—everything I love in a meal.

Today I thought I’d share how to get the look for your own party.

  1. I painted a dropcloth black with house paint (remember this trick?!). If you don’t want to get down and dirty, I’d recommend this black one from Williams Sonoma.
  2. From the get go, I envisioned using colorful vintage glassware into the scene. I kind of wanted a #CraftTheRainbow on a dinner table. I borrowed lots from friends but I’d try Etsy or eBay if you’re looking for some gorgeous pieces. Search for “vintage colorful glassware or stemware”. I intermixed it with new pieces from Anthropologie and Terrain, two of my favorite go-to sources for interesting dinnerware.
  3. Next, Ashley Beyer from Tinge Floral came in with her gorgeous flowers and added small groupings of single colored flowers into the colorful glassware. I love the rainbow effect it created.
  4. Solid colored napkins were a fun element. I originally got solid colored napkins from a trip to Nepal a few years back, but I have since found similar ones at Pier One and they look great!
  5. Lastly, I asked Ramblin Rose Cafe to bring in some food that was both colorful and tasty so they created the delicious Smoked Salmon Toasts and arranged them on the platter in a gorgeous way. Check out Oh Happy Day for the recipe.

Here’s how to get the look!
summer party tabletop
1.  Language of Flowers 8″ plates from Brittany Jepsen for Twig NY  |  2. Aqua fringe napkins from Pier One  |  3.  Language of Flowers mugs (2 set) from Brittany Jepsen for Twig NY  |  4.  1970’s stemware in aqua from Chairish  |  5.  Rose fringe napkins from Pier One  |  6. Emerald green goblet |  7.  Language of Flowers platter from Brittany Jepsen for Twig NY  |  8.  Gold flatware from West Elm  |  9.  Colorful tumblrs from Terrain  |  10.  Language of Flowers large serving bowl from Brittany Jepsen for Twig NY  |  11.  Frosted aqua tumblr from Anthropologie  |  12.  Palm green fringe napkins from Pier One  |  13. Galleria stemware from Anthropologie  |  14.  Language of Flowers dinner plate from Brittany Jepsen for Twig NY  |  15.  Yellow fringe napkins from Pier One 

Photography by Chaunte Vaughn  |  Food by Ramblin Rose Cafe  |  Styled by Brittany Jepsen  |  Flowers by Tinge Floral  


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