DIY Giant flower pinwheel

To assemble the pinwheel:

  1. Paint the dowel green with acrylic (spray or duck tape would work too) to mimic the stem of a flower.
  2. Drill a hole about 1″ down from the top of the dowel.
  3. Insert a 15″ piece of wire into the hole leaving about 9″ on one side extended. Wrap the remaining 6″ around the stem of the dowel tightly to secure.
  4. Insert two beads onto the other side of the wire.
  5. After you’ve made a pinwheel shape (see below for directions), insert it onto the wire on top of the beads.
  6. Once the pinwheel is made, insert another bead on top.
  7. Insert any other decoration you’d like to affix. I attached a black scalloped middle.
  8. Finish off the decoration by bending the wire down and cutting it down to about 1″.


Click to learn how to mkae the paper pinwheel!


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    Can you tell me what size hole is in the wooden ball. 3/4″ ball, what size is the inner hole.?


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