Day 11 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow with Cristina of Birdie's BakeryDress the Rainbow with Cristina of Birdie's Bakery Dress the Rainbow with Cristina of Birdie's Bakery

Day 11 of Dress with Rainbow with my long-time friend, Cristina of Birdie’s Bakery. Cristina and I were roommates in Washington, DC while we were both working, and she is one soul you will be inspired by. She’s always had an amazing wisdom and kindness and ability to find a way to serve other people. She started Birdie’s Bakery (remember this post?) as a way to provide for her three young children while still being at home. And you might recall how I said they are the most delicious sugar cookies in all the land. It’s the truth.

But right off the bat, if you ever meet her, you’ll be in awe of what she’s wearing. She has a tremendous ability to put together unusually rad ensembles. That probably comes from a mother who was a model and grew up putting on professional runway shows with her now professional stylist sister, Sarah Lowe, who has styled everyone from Taylor Swift to Gigi Hadid. Fun family, eh?! Check out the rest of the fun on Instagram!

For this shoot, we snagged Sarah while she was visiting Utah for a bit and she worked her magic (and stay tuned for another fun shoot on the way!).

Photography by Ciara Richardson  |  Hair by Aubrey Nelson  |  Wardrobe styling by Sarah Lowe

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