Day 9 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the Rainbow with Alana Jones-MannDress the Rainbow with Alana Jones-Mann Dress the Rainbow with Alana Jones-Mannfirst 9 days

Day 9 of Dress the Rainbow and I have my Brooklyn pal Alana Jones-Mann with me in bright red. I stopped by her home/office while I was visiting last week and I was greeted with a rainbow-ized closet. My kind of gal! Since I was traveling and I arranged everything so last minute, Alana graciously let me stretch out one of her red dresses so we could twinsies. If you don’t know Alana, you should get to know her wonderfully creative world of cakes and goodies. You might know her from the adorable cactus cupcakes or her wallpaper cakes. They’re beautiful and clever. Check out her site here!

I also thought it would be fun to see how the colors are shaping up in the first 9 days. Fun, huh?!

Shop bright red below…


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