Perfect gifts for the first time mom

Perfect gifts for the first time mother

A few months ago we gave a shower for Lars photographer, Melissa Leavitt. I talked about how we decorated the shower here and today I’m talking about the gifts and what to give to the first time mom. Though most of my friends have multiple babies right now, babies are still a new thing for me. I haven’t actually been to that many baby showers in my lifetime so buying and gifting baby items is still uncharted territory. I never know what to buy. My dream is to buy adorable, impractical European clothing to be worn for wandering the moors or skipping through meadows and such, but I have so many friends now who speak of the virtue of “practical” gifts like diapers and swaddling blankets and such. I thought the shower was a perfect blend of practical and dreamy. Check out what the lucky mama received. You HAVE to see her face! It was pure joy.

Photography by Lindsey Orton  |  Flowers by Amber Reverie 

Melissa was kind enough to provide us a registry with, which was great because it’s not tied to one particular store. You can put anything on there that has a URL so you get everything you like from across the whole world wide web including independent designers and small shops. Melissa has great taste and knew exactly what types of items she wanted, which made it really easy for us.

And even though she knew she had given us a list, she was genuinely surprised when she received it! Check out her expressions of pure joy:


First up, swaddling blankets! Listen, I didn’t even know what swaddling was, BUT my friends just started a company called Captain Silly Pants that has cool designs for swaddling blankets. And the packaging is ADORABLE!

Next, a pair of moccasins and t-shirt from my collaboration with Freshly Picked.


Pehr Designs has the cutest baby items for the bedroom. Melissa was going for a flora and fauna theme for little Mabel’s room, which was also the theme of our party, so she dreamed of the fawn crib set and grey dots sheets and woodland creatures mobile.

Melissa didn’t want a bag that looked like a diaper bag. We got her one from Humle Hilo that’s super cute and functional and they gifted her an adorable pair of baby sandals too. So cute!

Our friend, Ashley Isenhour of Ike Studios gifted her two pieces of her artwork called “The Woman I Want to be”.


A couple of items not picture are Tubby Todd bath products, which are all natural and safe for children and a Solly Baby wrap carrier.

Before the shower, we all got together and wrapped the presents in butcher paper (super cheap from the paper store) and painted on quick patterns with acrylic paints in tonal colors. Red on pink, dark blue on light blue, orange on yellow. I love the look it gave. Then we tied them in corresponding ribbon colors.Gifts for the first time mom4F8A3342 (1)4F8A3338 (1)4F8A3195

4F8A4004One of my favorite items was the Puj baby tub, which sits in the sink where you can easily wash your babe. 4F8A43564F8A43354F8A43334F8A4286

Thanks to Pehr Designs, Tubby Todd, Solly Baby wraps, Freshly Picked, Humble Hilo, Puj, Captain Silly Pants for making this girl’s dreams come true!




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